i think it’s busy now…

today was such a busy day and i feel like i should have done more. some of the things i got done…

morning chores.


worked on music for immergent (church).


double batch of bread.

dishes again.

made some soup with stuff around that needed used up.

made granola bars.

rescued seamus from the tree twice.

made up more laundry detergent.

broke up fights among the kids.

did i mention the kids slept until 8am? that was nice!

i should do the dishes again and make lunches for tomorrow. but, i’m thinking about still sitting here and being off my feet enjoying my glass of yellow tail shiraz. i got 11 wine glasses at bed bath & beyond yesterday for $5! oh yeah.

i think in a bit i am going to head to bed and read a bit. go to bed early and get up early and worry about lunches then. yeah, i like that plan.

i don’t mind being busy, i really don’t. better than sittin’ around everyday. i wish i was better about getting stuff done. maybe i just need to work hard and catch up and pay attention more. if i think i’m busy now…wait until i have chickens at the land to attend too! i think to myself. i should make a list of things to get done everyday. but i don’t think i would like that. but maybe i should get over it and just do it! i still feel like there are so many extra things i need to get done this week. i shall press on…

tomorrow i do know that i am getting my hair done. that …i do know.




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