8 years ago

i like the month of october. i liked it more when we were in VT because it meant the beauty of the fall foliage. i miss that.

but, october brings many memories about the journey and adventure that started 8 years ago. you see there was this boy. the pastor’s son and he started helping out in the sound booth at church. i was on the worship team so i was always seeing him. we started talking some.

my dad would often ask me on sunday afternoons while lounging around the living room when i was going to call that boy. ‘why don’t you ask him out?’, he’d say. my mom would tell him to stop and not pressure me into asking this geoff out! you see geoff and my dad had already been talking, yacking and building a good friendship. i didn’t want to rush this boy if he wasn’t ready so i just waited.

well, in october ‘that boy’ did ask me to join him at an event the church was facilitating. he had to run the sound booth and wondered if i would come be with him. now, 5 minutes before that a sweet precious couple had asked me if i wanted to join them at the event and sit at their table. i had told them yes. so, 5 minutes later geoffrey asks me to be with him. i was SO thrilled he asked me and told him yes. i excused myself and went to tell the couple that just invited me that i couldn’t attend with them. once i told the wife why she completed understood (and was so happy for me)!

the night wasn’t too glamorous but i so enjoyed being with geoffrey in the sound booth. i remember he held my hand..

shortly after that, he asked me to go to boston for the day with him. he had an interview at MIT. by this time we had been spending more time together and i really wanted to go with him. i was worried since it was our busy time at work i might not get the day off at short notice. my manager said i could have the day off! i couldn’t believe i was going to boston for the day with a boy. surprisingly, my daddy was all about it. i mean i hadn’t dated hardly at all before this and here  he was …. sure, take her to boston for the day. i don’t care what time you get back. have fun!

he knew.

he knew before me how this was going to all turn out! (i love you dad!)

so, off to boston we went. left early in the morning came home late that night. i wandered around MIT while he interviewed. (they did by the way call him back and wanted him. he made the right choice in declining! our budding relationship could have ended if he did.)

it was a rainy day in boston. we went to the aquarium, walked around the city come. a lovely dinner. he didn’t bring the umbrella…i had half a wet head. i was wearing my orange trench coat that had a hood but, not the kind you walk around, in and out of the rain, for a while. i remind him of that often. 🙂 hey, remember that time you forgot the umbrella?

pretty much after that trip to boston we were inseparable! i would leave for work in the morning (drive from tinmouth to manchester) then go meet up with him at his parents house (in rutland) after work just about every day. then i would leave late at night and go back home where i lived with my parents (in tinmouth). i have no idea how many miles i drove those days!

we were engaged the following feb/march. married in june.

my father-in-law coined the phrase when we were deciding when to get married… ‘life’s for the livin’. not the ponderin’!’

so 3-4 months seemed like plenty enough time to plan a wedding!

the last 8 years has been more wonderful than i ever dreamed!

it’s been an adventure.

life is always an adventure with geoffrey and i love it!

i can’t wait to be old and gray with that boy!



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  1. MOM said,

    October 13, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Awwwwwww!!! what a neat trip down memory lane. I enjoyed remembering that time. ‘Tis so true….all good things come to those who wait (on the Lord).

    Love, MOM

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