bastrop state park



this past weekend we went camping at bastrop state park. it was so great!

when i called texas parks and wildlife department to make camping reservations bastrop was the only park with sites avialable. at first we weren’t so sure… the places we wanted were all booked up. but, we decided to go ahead and make the reservation anyway. they called me back to tell me they forgot to notify me of construction at bastrop state park. augh… it was only a 2 hour drive so we could always come home early if it was no good. i called a few days before to make sure the bathrooms/showers were going to be in working order (since that is where some of the construction was happening). they would be operational so off we went.

boy are we glad we went. the park had lots of trials, a canyon just behind our site and bastrop state park sits among the lost pines. pine trees everywhere…which is unusual in the hill country. there are pines over in east texas and some think that due to flooding the lost pines got separated from the pines in east texas. we loved it. pines reminds us of vermont!

bastrop state park is also home to the endangered houston toad. we went on a good hike on saturday and part of that took us to the toad pond were we was little and big houston toads. there was a lot of whining get there and seamus didn’t want to leave!

we went fishing. spent a bunch of time by the lake. we even met a very friendly mallard duck who was eating string cheese right out of our hands! he hung around a while. seamus even took the hook out of the fish all by himself! geoffrey was stunned. he showed him once and seamus did it like he had done it all his life. he was sooo cute! we tried to catch another fish but it just wasn’t happening. i really wanted to get a video of him doing it. he had so much fun fishing!

of course we had smores, both nights! the kids love sleeping in the tent. the first night they chatted it up for a long time. the second night, after a good hike, fishing, walking around the lake…they went right to sleep! seamus kept asking to go to bed shortly after dark. once smores were done…he was ready!

the kids were great helpers. they helped set up and tear down camp. we brought their bikes so they had fun riding them.

we drive one evening into downtown bastrop. what a great town…heb, lowe’s, tractor supply, starbucks, home depot, spec’s…all within like a mile! now that’s awesome! 🙂

you can find some pictures from our trip here.

on the way home we decided to take a drive to lockhart, tx which was about 25 minutes from bastrop. lockhart is home to 2 of the top 5 bbq places in the great state of texas – YEAH BABY! good thing it was sunday and we only the option of going to one, it would have been a hard choice otherwise. you see lockhart is home to smitty’s market and kreuz market. both are in the top 5. we have been to both and learned that only smitty’s is open on sunday. we have been to both places…more than once, more than twice. smitty’s has the best brisket we’ve ever had! kriez’s has the best ribs we’ve ever had!  i’m still remembering the delicious juicy brisket we had…

while we were driving home on 10 west looking at the mesquite trees i was commenting about my favorite thing about texas. we had just driven through part of the hill country, spent 2 days in the lost pines and were headed back home to houston, to the city…i just love the diversity in the landscape! if you just take the time and drive around the state you won’t be disappointed!  given the size of this state there is so much more of it we want to see! so far we have not been disappointed with our visits to its state parks. so far we have been to enchanted rock state park, pedernales falls state park, brazos bend state park, garner state park and bastrop state park.  there are still others we want to visit. thank goodness for texas state parks pass! i didn’t even know i had a coupon available to use this past weekend until they told me at check in!

it was a great weekend, tiring as it was!


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  1. Sarah Smith said,

    November 3, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    So wish we could have come up with you all. Looks like loads of fun.

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