i wanted to take a few minutes and reflect on the last 4 years here in houston. we moved down here in the beginning of november 2006. my parents helped us get here. my dad and geofffrey brought down the penske truck towing the scion. a day after they arrived here my mom flew down  with the kids and i. we moved into a small apartment, said good bye to my parents and so began our journey here.

being at the downtown aquarium yesterday on a field trip with layla i was recalling our first thanksgiving here. we ended up going to the downtown aquarium on thanksgiving day for their delicious buffet! geoffrey’s family was moving down shortly after that so, we really didn’t have family to celebrate with. we decided on the thanksgiving buffet. other than waiting a bit for our table it was memorable experience. seamus was just 6 month’s old and lay was 2.

so many things have happened here in the last 4 years. it has been quite a journey. i am SO thankful that through it all god has been faithful and has always taken care of us! i am also SO thankful for the relationship that geoffrey and i have. it has only gotten stronger the last 4 years and keeps getting better.

we have done many fun things while we have been here and our bucket list is still long. who knows what can happen.

i would have never dreamed that one of the things we would be getting into was farming. i thought for sure moving to the suburbs was really going to get me away from the country where there would be no farming! i didn’t marry farmer. now my husband has a dream, that is in motion, to start farming. i should have got it in writing that he wasn’t going to be a farmer! i tease him about this now.

but, that’s life. you live. you dream. you change. i wouldn’t have it another way! you might need to remind this of me on crazy days when i have to go back to the land to take care of the chickens, again. you know on one of those days when both kids need dropped off and picked up from school and geoffrey is working and can’t get there. yeah, one of those days! life is far from boring here!

we are so proud of our kids and love and adore them. they both are doing so well in school. they are good with other kids (except when seamus hurts his buddy paydon now and then). they love to learn and curious. they love the outdoors and even though they don’t understand exactly what is going to happen at the ‘farm’…that’s what they call the land…i love them!…they are so excited about it! we’ll see how excited they are once they get put to work, mister!

so, as we are now working our way through year 5 in this great, beautiful, gorgeous state of texas we are excited to see what else is in store! bring it on…

thanking god that we have open eyes, open hearts, open minds. that we explore new things. learn about new things. love and care for each. provide for each other and work as a team. that we take risks. that we follow the one who in all, above all, and king of all! life is so great when you follow him, desire him, trust him. and when you trust those you love. if i wasn’t a trusting, devoted partner in this life along side geoffrey, i don’t know where we would be today. i often remember that i moved here not ever visiting! we couldn’t afford for me to come when he came down for some job interviews.

boy did i ever marry the right man! (: thank you geoffrey for everything. i love, admire, respect and adore you more than i could ever tell you! now, let’s go buy some chickens and get an egg co-op going!


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