lake texana state park

i’m disappointed i don’t have pictures to share with you seeing i forgot the camera on our weekend camping trip. we went to lake texana in edna, texas. i’ve never been to edna and now i know why. we got barely any verizon cell service (which really was just fine. we didn’t really care being unavailable, and not very reachable for a few days.)

all four kids had such fun! layla, seamus and their friends kasha (6) and her little brother paydon (almost 3). our site was right by the playground and the bathroom! yay for us! it worked out great.

i left out the box of capri suns.
the raccoons had fun with them!

the weather was just about perfect!

the first night the air mattress was a bit too soft.
the second night it was a bit too hard.

we ate good food.
we fished.
we visited the nature center.
we took a little hike.
we saw and heard a bunch of armadillos.
saw some deer.
visited around the campfire late in the night.
helped the guys form their plan to flatten one tent from the boy scout group next to us.
they did it. sarah and i laughed.
there was no reaction from the scouts and in the morning geoffrey and i watched a leader (in his dark purple button down shirt) come out of the tent.
we were hoping it was full of boys and we would get reaction.

if geoff’s brother doug was there they would be playing ‘shine a light on a hick’ with their mag flashlights!

it was a great weekend to camp with our friends!


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