i’m here. haven’t blogged much lately, but i am here. alive. well. and busy.

geoffrey started a new job and hasn’t been working normal 12-hr shifts (which is SO nice) but i’m kinda out of the normal routine. he’s working at hospital that is still under construction, right around the corner from us, and is planning on opening the ER (where he’ll work) on 12/17. so, they’ve been working 8-4 most days. we’ve had lots of suppers together which has been nice!

i’ve been busy helping out at layla’s school. one day last week i went to both of the kid’s schools 3 times each!! craziness! i am so glad i have the flexibility and freedom to do that! i do love being a stay-at-home-mom – it was such a great day. seamus had no idea i was coming to visit him. they were having a thanksgiving feast and the parents were invited to sit with them. they were dressed as little pilgrims and it was so precious!

last night we went to seamy’s pre-k christmas program and words can’t even express what we experienced there! melt. your. heart. …. seamus was so adorable. he saw us and kept waving and was all smiles! he sang. he did the sign language. he yawned the last half of the program. he was just too darn cute!! we were laughing, we were crying, we were proud.

i remember going to lay’s per-k christmas program. she was mary. she was so precious. i need to go back and pull up some of the videos from that.  i want to relive that moment. i know she made us feel a lot like we did last night watching seamus.

seamus is just growing up too fast! i don’t like it. not at all. he is doing well is school, although he still writes with both of his hands. the other day he drew a map. it was the way to ma and papa’s house! (my parents in VT…we live in TX.) he couldn’t draw a plane so he asked me too. i did but it wasn’t very good… he didn’t care. he has the map in his room now. he started in the middle of the paper and just drew a big swirl!  i luv him!

lay is doing great in school. got straight A’s. i didn’t tell her yet that i got coupons from the donut shop by us. they get a free donut for every A on their current report card! she is going to love that! it’s been so long since she and daddy had a date there. we’ve also found out the donuts are safe for seamus…so, we all might have to go!

we are still working on the ‘egg co-op’. hopefully, we can get things ironed out, the program rolled out and see enough people  sign up to make it happen. geoffrey has worked long and hard on it.

so, that’s the short version of what’s been going on. i’ll try and blog more (if anyone cares). in between the laundry i’m not doing so well keeping up with…school, church, a party i’m throwing next week, dishes, eggs, christmas, a family wedding right before christmas, a cake i’m making for that wedding…the list goes on.

oh, and last week was quite the week. geoffrey worked a full week and also helped complete the renovations at the church. we barely saw him all week. they did a great job! i was busy with life here and wasn’t really paying attention to the news. well, we got a freeze and it killed our tomatoes plants. that weren’t really liking the 80+ degree weather we had right before that! the plants were so big that even if i attempted to cover them i doubt i had enough sheets to! we picked all the green tomatoes and they are sitting in a brown paper bag praying the ‘gases’ they emit? will help them turn red. my agricultural technician (a.k.a geoffrey) said that’s what we should do. we are praying they will turn because i don’t want to make fried green tomatoes for the whole neighborhood! now, if i am lucky enough to have a bunch turn at the same time i might be able to can some! it was just too early for a freeze…not nice!

now, i am off to bed! the kids and i will be out the house by 8am. we have to pick up donuts and kolaches to bring to lay’s school for ‘breakfast with santa’. an annual event where santa is there for pictures, games for the kids, starbucks for the parents!….and donuts! yay! i’m pretty sure i’ll need to help with last minute set up and some tear down. but, my bestie and her kids will be there too so, that’ll help!

now…i’m really off to bed!


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