and more cake!

ugh…i’m gonna be so sick of cake after this week. which is probably good for my waist line! HA!

my sister-in-law (geoffrey’s sister) is getting married on wednesday and i am doing the wedding cake and the groom’s brownie cake. now that the winter party at layla’s school is over i can focus more on what needs to be done before and leading up to this wedding. geoffrey, layla and i are in the wedding as well. so the next few days are gonna be crazy. just like the last week!

the kids are excited to dress up! got seamus some black pants, crisp white shirt and a long tie! (the long tie was his request!) it is red and he is he so smashing! he was shaking his cute hiney when we tried it all on for daddy!

so, there probably won’t be much blogging until maybe the 22nd. we are scheduled to have a meet the farmer at the jewish community center on the 24th. then its christmas. so, i will be back…sometime!

i’m struggling to find the peace and quiet this christmas season. somedays i do have pandora going playing me some christmas music but its just the background. the other day when i was driving, alone!!! i had no distractions and didn’t keep having to to turn it off to give the kids my attention. i found every song wanting to make me cry!

this christmas i want the same thing my father-in-law wants every christmas.

peace and quiet!

maybe i’ll find a bit of that while i’m baking 10 different cakes tomorrow! 🙂



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