things i like. things i like better.

so, baking cakes for the wedding and i ended up getting bake even strips from wilton. i needed my square cakes to not mound up in the center but to bake more evenly. these bake even strips work wonderful!! i love them! they even 30% off at hobby lobby when i went to get them yesterday.

now, onto eggnog… yummy eggnog. a few days ago i picked up some southern comfort eggnog. it was yummy and geoffrey and i had been enjoying it in our morning coffee. this worked out great seeing i forgot to pick up more half & half. well, when i went to the grocery store, again, i knew we would be running out of eggnog so i decided to pick up some more. well, the southern comfort was gone. i ended up getting borden’s eggnog. while it was thick and creamy it lacked the spices and was sweeter than the southern comfort. so, i like southern comfort eggnog best.

now, my favorite eggnog of all time is my mom’s homemade eggnog. i have been thinking about making some this year. we’ll see. she makes it every christmas eve.


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