black bean chili with orange and cumin

it was late last winter, i think, when i found  this black bean chili with orange and cumin recipe from think liz. we do love chili and i thought this would be a great recipe to try. seeing we don’t eat much meat i was drawn to this vegetarian chili recipe. the kids and i just had some. yummy! at first seamus wasn’t sure about it  because it had oranges in it. he saw me working up the oranges earlier in the day and layla also found it necessary to tell him the chili had oranges in it. texas oranges!

i soaked the black beans overnight in hopes i could pull of making the chili today. my only dilemma was the tomatoes i would need. remember that paper bag full of tomoates? the one that has all the tomatoes we pulled of the tomatoes plants that died from the freeze when we didn’t cover? well, i was hoping when i went and got that bag i would have some red tomatoes and sure enough, i did!! yay! now our chili would be made with tomatoes and cilantro from the garden and texas oranges!

here are the delicious tomatoes that have been ripening in the brown paper bag. i’m looking forward to using more as they ripen!


i’m also working on bread right now…some honey whole wheat bread! it’s a new recipe, so if it comes out good i’ll share in a later blog.


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