black-eyed peas

so, as i’ve been out grocery shopping the past week and checking some blogs i frequent i been seeing lots of black-eyed peas. i do like black-eyed peas but why was seeing them so much. there must be something. i then thought there was something about the and new years. my good friend, google, reminded me that yes, lots of people enjoy them on new years. supposedly, they bring good luck. well, i don’t believe in all that but i did get some for 3 reasons.

#1- its been awhile since we’ve eaten them.

#2- they are a good  source of fiber and protein.

#3- i saw this yummy recipe and HAD to make it! so, so yummy! i added corn to mine. after seeing the picture of ree’s dip with pieces of corn i decided i would just throw some in!

when we got up in the morning i put a bag of dried black-eyed peas in the crock-pot to cook.  after i took out cooked peas for the dip i set the rest aside.

i made the dip and the kids loved it! i was so happy and i figured they would. i was sure to not make it too spicy for them.

while the dip was baking i cooked up some brown rice to make up another dish. when i cook my rice i just add a bunch of water and drain out the excess. i always seem to have other things going on while rice is cooking and don’t have time to babysit it. i read this tip once and am very thankful i did! so, when the rice was done to my liking i saved a bit of the water and added to it pepper, dried oregano and beef bullion. (i really need to move away from using bullion.) i then mixed the seasoned rice with the black eyed and put it in the fridge.

while we were gone to church i put 2 of geoffrey’s hot smoked venison sausage links in the crock-pot to cook. i actually forgot to take them out earlier (even though i had planned on making this dish) but they cooked up very nicely even though they were frozen. i also had half an onion so i sliced that up and threw it in. i sliced  up the links  and added it to the black-eyed peas and rice along with the onions. it makes a great dish! the smoked sausage is too spicy for the kids so i didn’t add it to all of the peas and rice so the kids could still enjoy. i don’t really know what to call this dish other than something like…’smoked venison sausage with black-eyed peas and rice’! it is so yummy.

so, there you have it…two easy, yummy ways to eat black-eyed peas! i need to make them more this winter. maybe i’ll do a search for other recipes and try something else. stay tuned.


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