quinoa cakes

oh my.

tonight i made something new. something delicious. something new, delicious, healthy (but i’ll make it more healthy), vegetarian.

we eat quinoa. i’ve posted about quinoa before. its a superfood. its so yummy and i wanted to explore other ways to prepare it. well, i found this yummy site! i browsed there for quite sometime.

i decided to make quinoa cakes. i had gathered my supplies and my spinach really was telling me it needed to be used up so, tonight was the night! i love this recipe because everything is homemade! the dressing for the salad, the salad itself and of course the quinoa cakes! i knew for sure geoffrey and i would love this recipe. i was thinking layla would try it and i was hoping seamus would try the little cakes. (instead of buying the container or washed organic baby spinach for probably $5.99 i bought the bunch of organic spinach for $1.99 and washed it, cut off the stems and cut down the leaves in smaller pieces. it worked fine but took more time.)

well, as i was preparing it they both wanted to know what i was making. i told them ‘quinoa cakes’ and of course i hyped it up that they were going to be super delicious and they were so healthy. we talk a lot about what is healthy and what it not. sometimes they get excited about things being healthy and things not. (for those who don’t know our precious babies are layla who is 6 and seamus who is 4)

as the first batch of these little cakes were done i split them in half to help them cool seeing i had two kids who really wanted to try them! i tried first…to make sure they still weren’t too hot, of course!

yum! but i remembered about the cayenne i put in and i could taste it a bit. so, i decided id better give them something to dip the cakes in so their first bite wasn’t too spicy for them. even though it wasn’t the best ‘healthy’ choice i grabbed the mayo and put a little squirt a bowl for them to dip. yum, again!

they really liked them. i got all sorts of comments and they were telling me how they were kinda like ‘chicken nuggets’. they were. crunchy on the outside, soft and moist and flavorful on the inside. its has been SO long since our kids even had chicken nuggets. never in this house or in my husband’s presence in over a year i bet! i was so happy they liked them!

i will be making them again and i am thinking they should reheat nicely. i really needed a double batch to satisfy us all. i had to cut them off so we could save 3 for daddy to enjoy with the salad!

oh, and back to the dipping. when the kids started comparing to them to chicken nuggets…by the way, there really is NO comparison, but i think you knew that! got out the ketchup and told them to try the ketchup. they liked that too. so, next time…. i’ll make a double for triple batch so we have leftovers and i’ll be sure to run out mayo and only have ketchup on hand! 🙂 but don’t tell them that.

i am always changing recipes and making them my own (my mother loves this! 🙂 ). i’m always trying to make them as healthy as possible. the only thing i would like to try with this recipe is to bake the cakes rather than fry them in a few tablespoons of olive oil. i realize it isn’t awful but i bet i could maybe broil them. use less oil and still get the crispy outside! they really are heavenly! and i didn’t even talk about the salad and its yummy dressing. so delicious!

geoffrey will be home from work soon. when i get this meal ready for him i’ll take a picture. i wish i was better at taking a good picture of food. i’ll do my best and post.

geoffrey says it tastes wonderful! he love its. i don’t think this picture does it justice but…oh well, here it is…



  1. MOM said,

    January 12, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Look at this plate of food!! It looks so appetizing! Will you come be my chef??

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