a delicious sandwich filling (no meat required!)

so, i don’t remember how i stumbled upon this recipe i want to share with you. i think i had some leftover chickpeas and was searching allrecipes.com for ideas. well, i landed on this vegetarian chickpea sandwich filling. it was right before a day when we were going to on the go and i needed to pack a lunch for us all. i really didn’t want to make sunbutter and/or jam sandwiches for geoffrey and i but we rarely eat cold cuts anymore so this recipe sounded yummy and worth a try! we loved it and so did layla! i ended up stopping at he grocery store that day while we were out and about to pick up some pita bread. this filling really requires a pita bread to hold it all in! we filled our pitas with the filling and some alfalfa sprouts we had around. so yummy!

i love the recipe because it requires little mayo.  (i think i might try making homemade mayo. we don’t use it much so it shouldn’t be difficult to whip up a bit when i want to make this filling. i found a recipe i want to try.) i add extra dill weed and can’t wait until i have fresh dill to put in. yum! i just made this filling again…because i made HOMEMADE PITA BREAD YESTERDAY!! yumo! geoffrey is going to love his lunch tomorrow! (i’ll blog about the pita bread because it deserves its own blog!)

this sandwich filling will be made again and again here. i can imagine it on a day at the beach! it’ll make a great sandwich paired with some homemade lemon aid or iced tea and a yummy piece of fruit! bring on the beach days again…

did i ever mention i used to despise chickpeas?

i did.

but..not now!

i love them!

they are a great addition to our diet seeing we don’t eat much meat around here. we are doing well and enjoying our flexitarian diet!

did you also know chickpeas (dried garbanzo beans) are so cheap? buy a bag dried for $1 or less and see how far it goes! our food budget likes it. and of course they have good health benefits! educate yourself on the delicious chickpea here!


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