well i did it. i made some homemade pasta and turned most into ravioli with ricotta cheese filling! yummy. boy, it took a lot of time and have me a neck ache but i am so glad that it made enough for two meals of ravioli! there are frozen raviolis in the freezer ready to be boiled and make another delicious meal!

so, i used this recipe and mom, you’re not going to believe it but – i didn’t alter the pasta dough recipe AT ALL! (she is always commenting on how i’m always altering recipes. 🙂 ) oh wait! i did alter…i put in all whole wheat flour. that’s just the norm for me and i forgot about that.

to the ricotta cheese filling i add maybe a 1/4 cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese, some dried basil, dried oregano, garlic powder and salt and pepper. it was yummy!

i picked this recipe for few reasons –
#1 – the ricotta cheese filling was simple. some where calling for all different kinds of cheeses that i didn’t have. i wanted a simple ricotta to egg ratio and go from there.
#2 – the dough recipe was very similar to other recipes i had seen online
#3 – this recipe gave me both recipes (dough and filling)  in one stop!

i have always put off making homemade pasta because i don’t have a pasta machine/roller. people have suggested that i just buy the attachment for my kitchen aid mixer but they cost $150-200 new! not in the budget right now.  i may keep looking now and then for a deal or for a used one but in the mean time i’ll do with out.

a few thoughts about a pasta roller… now, this is only my first attempt so i maybe change my mind some as i make pasta more but, as i was adding more and more flour to the table while rolling out nice and thin i was thinking how that flour was going to make the extra dough dry. what was the extra dough (from cutting out circles to make the raviolis) going to be dry? using a pasta roller would probably eliminate some of that extra flour…? that’s just what i was thinking. from cutting out circles i was getting a good amount of extra dough. i put it in a bowl covered with saran wrap. i wanted to just throw it away but i couldn’t. i decided to roll it out thin and cut into wide noodles. i was bad and served it with some melted butter, sea salt and dried basil! i mean…i just couldn’t let it go to waste!! it would also give me a chance to see how it easy the process was to but wide noodles and boil them. they tasted just fine! they of course were a bit thicker than the store bought pasta but oh so yummy!

so, pasta roller or not i will make homemade pasta again. now, i don’t think i’ll be making spaghetti with the roller and special cutter but i will make ravioli and some wide noodles again!

a note about the boiling time – i froze the raviolis before cooking them. i made them early in the afternoon when i had time but didn’t want to boil them until it was time for supper. even though they were frozen when i put them in boiling water they floated to the top before 10 minutes was up. so, don’t follow the floating to the top trick on this recipe.


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  1. MOM said,

    January 26, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Aha-Renee “Ray”- so you still changed the recipe!! And even changed the filling recipe? LOL So the name of your cooking show should be – Renee’s Recipe Renovations!

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