catch up

so, i was thinking the other day that i hadn’t blogged in a bit. i then realized that for some time now i have just blogged about food! ha!

today hasn’t gone as i had planned but it’s all good. my plan was after taking kids to school and a few errands to come home, do the dishes, laundry and read. well, i really only did the dishes and make some sauce for spaghetti pie (the kids are gonna love it!). but, i got to talk to dear to friend on the phone for awhile and had a visit from bestie! bestie felt the need to show appreciation for me keeping her adorable son all day yesterday so she showed up with reese’s hearts and a starbucks gift card. it’s nice when people know you so well! (thanks sarah!) the hearts are g.o.n.e… gone!:)

we’ve been good around here. kids busy with school. tomorrow lay and her class are celebrating groundhog day and the 100th day of school. ‘did you know it was groundhog day and the 100th day of school on the same day, mom?!’ she said to me yesterday! isn’t it chinese new year tomorrow too??

she’s been doing good in school and better with homework. when we got back into the school/homework routine after christmas break homework became a challenge and she gave me many an attitude. but, thankfully she is back on track!

seamus is still loving school! he’s learning his letters/numbers and enjoys doing a bit of school work at home from time to time. it usually doesn’t last long so i have to make the most of it! he’s been wanting to be on the computer a lot so we sometimes tell him he has to do some school work first! until recently, most of what they did on the computer was education play stuff. but, they now found some games on disney’s site. good games but, he’s gotta show me some school work if he keeps wanting to be on this computer. daddy is starting to think they need a laptop of their own! 🙂

geoffrey’s been busy with work, the barry farm, making us a hamper for our bathroom and making our spring/summer gardening list! we went over the best things to grow here and picked out the veggies/herbs we eat a lot and figured out how much room it needed and how much we needed to plant to make it work it. i mean who want to plant peas and only harvest 2 cups of them, right? so, we thought harder about what to plant and i think he’ll start gathering seeds/plants soon! looking forward to big harvest!

i’m a bit chilled. the high yesterday was in the mid 70’s i believe and right now its 37 or so and very windy! i bet the windchill is 30! bone chilling i say! our lows will be in the 20’s tonight through friday night! i bet if this wind keeps up all night the windchill will be in the teens! what in the world i happening? this is the SEMI-TROPICS people!! and why was the city starting to apply de-icing agent to the roadways last night? 24 hours before freezing weather is coming and they think that’s a good time? heavy rain blew through in the early morning. i don’t understand but thankfully don’t have to travel the freeways the next few days if i don’t want to. all our outdoor pipes have been wrapped and covered. now, if the water pipes in the attic don’t freeze and the chickens don’t freeze we are all good! i think i have the fixings for some yummy vegetable soup i can make tomorrow. that paired with homemade biscuits should make a nice lunch. we might need to go get some firewood and put the fire place to good use. i’m hoping its the last time this winter!

i’ve got two new books that just came and i’m anxious to start reading them. i can’t decide which one to read first because i really want to read them both now! they are one thousand gifts and the unhealthy truth.

whoops…i must get my boy from school! stay warm and safe.



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