well, remember that impending snow storm or blogged about yesterday? yeah, well… all we got was a layer of ice.

no snow.

not even a flake here in weston houston.

i was so looking forward to spending the day playing the snow with the kids.

we were gonna build a snowman.

we were gonna have a snowball fight.


oh, well… here are some pictures i snapped this morning.

a layer of ice on the patio table and chairs.

ice glazed shingles!

even the poor chickens has ice on them! i didn’t know but a certain little boy closed their coop sometime yesterday while gather eggs. they couldn’t get in hence the ice on them!

icicles!! we got icicles out of the storm – yay! you know how long its been since i’ve seen icicles?

(most of the freeways/overpasses were closed due to ice. many people felt the need to venture out. many people got stuck waiting. many people crashed. heard of one death. i stopped watching the news when i realized there was no chance of snow for us.)


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  1. MomZup said,

    February 4, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    Come home. . .come home. . .sung in my best campmeeting style! We have plenty of snow with more on its way. . .almost too cold out to play in it and so far this winter it has not been snowman or snowball snow. . .light and fluffy. . .easy to shovel.

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