so, awhile back i heard about a woman who was going to do a daily blog about photography. i’ve always wanted to be better about taking pictures. i find myself every once in awhile capturing a great photo but, i want more of those times! so, i signed up and since 2/1 i’ve been getting daily emails with the new blog and something new to try! i pulled out our camera’s user guide and shot these pictures today. the ones of the kids i was trying to follow her instructions some, consulting the user guide…i got some good ones i think. i always struggle with the flash. i know i don’t always need it but the camera keeps telling i do! well, part of what willette has learned herself is to use natural light, specifically in her home, when taking photos. i need to learn this too. so, i fooled around with the ISO and it was helpful!

enjoy these photos of the kids. nothing special, just being kids!

i love taking pictures of seamus! layla will hold a pose for you. seamus…well, not so much and especially if he’s in the mood. i wasn’t trying to get a specific pose from him just wanted a close up of him being him. as i was snapping this picture he had a cute smile then in a split second it turned to little pout! you just never know what you will get taking pictures of him! 🙂

here he is at the computer. boy does he loves playing on the computer and he makes the cutest faces!

i’ll share more pictures as i keep trying to become a better photographer. i’m excited to learn more. capture some pictures of the ones you love today!


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