whole wheat tortillas

just finished making a batch of homemade whole wheat tortillas. here they are…
(i use olive oil instead of lard. in my search for tortilla recipes i found many that called for oil. the recipe is super easy, you should try it! you’ll never want yuck  mission tortillas again!)


made 20 of them. i save so much making them myself…even though its a bit of a     process. i can buy freshly made tortillas at my local HEB (grocery store) but it costs $3.99 for a pack of 10! i pay $3.78 or so for a 5lb bag of king arthur whole wheat flour. you know how many loaves of bread or how many batches of 20 torillas i can make with one 5lb bag? a lot.

we go through times where we use these a lot. one batch makes me enough to do enchiladas/burritos and put some in the freezer. i like having them in the freezer to whip up some quick and easy quesadillas!

another thing i do to help save money and make for healthy, quick meals is buy pinto beans dry. i can get them for less than a $1 a pound. we love them cooked in the crock pot with lots of cumin and beef bullion. i don’t like using lots of bullion but it add such a rich delicious taste! sometimes geoffrey and i add fresh chopped cilantro and or chopped jalapenos!! yummy! i never used pinto beans until living in texas.

the last time i cooked up 2lbs in the crock pot. i took probably took a little less than half of them and put them in the freezer. i pulled them out the other day in preparation to have them with enchiladas. i warmed some of them up and gave to the kids for lunch. the rest i drained some and put through the food processor. we love refried beans! these are so tasty.

i like making enchiladas and beans because they are great as leftovers! i’ve also frozen enchiladas before and it works great. some times we just have cheese enchiladas but other times i make them with beans/lentils/veggies.

geoffrey will now have yummy enchiladas & refried beans when he comes home from work!



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