Today i made an appointment for seamus to see the allergist. He seems to break out in hives when he’s been out playing in yards with grass. Our backyard has no grass now and he never has an issue out there. One day when we all went to land we had to finally leave he was clearly having an allergic reaction to something. One day he was out front with geoffrey (where we do have grass) and geoffrey had to send him in because he was breaking out in hives.

Last night we went to friends and the kids played outside. They aslo played a lot upstairs after. He came down for dessert and i instantly noticed his arms were covered in hives! All over. Later when we got home i checked and his legs were covered as well. Sigh.

We’ve been to our friends several times before. Most of the time they spend inside because of the yucky weather. Those days we have no problem. My friend and i were recalling another time we were over and the kids played outside and seamus had a reaction.

We’ve been wanting and hopong to resod our backyard but now i think we need to figure out this allery first. I’m really hoping its not something like a grass allergy! I have a fear it could be becuase our friends have nothing in their backyard besides grass. Its wierd. Hoping we can figure it out and come up with a plan of action.

Needless to say, mommy didn’t sleep much last night. I kept going in and shining my iphone on his face and arms to see how he was. Thankfully the reaction was only on his arms & legs and not his face. Two doses of benedryl and it seemed to make the hives slowly go away. Of course i was worried his breathing might be affected so it was rather difficult to sleep. Thankfully the double dose of benadryl knocked him out and didn’t have the opposite affect, which has happened more than once!

So, we’ll be staying indoors or at least away from grass until we figure it out! Last night’s hives were too much! I need to make a of things to discuss and question the allergist. My mental list is getting too long!

I love my seamus too much! I hate being worried about him & his health and safety!

I forgot to mention that geoffrey was out of town last night too!


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