my love, my valentine, my geoffrey!

he is my love.

he is my valentine.

he is my geoffrey.

he is MINE!


i was a bit overcome with emotions last night at the thought of having to live life without him! i do not know how i would do it. so many things in this life are uncertain but not him! he is my constant. he is my normal. he is everything. my best friend. my husband. my love!

the emotions went away as quick as they came and as i lay in bed trying to sleep i was remembering this time of year about 8 years ago. i can’t pinpoint exact dates between valentines day and my birthday in early march but i was recalling the things that happened.

it was during this time that he purchased me a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond ring! i got the earrings first and he held onto the ring for sometime. not because he wasn’t sure about asking me to marry him but because he was having fun! i remember one night when he was up to my parent’s i could hear he and my mom talking in the kitchen. i knew he was showing her the ring. i was sitting right in the living room…a few feet away! he had already asked my father. i didn’t know this for sure but i did know we had decided that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. it might have been a bit rough figuring it out but we started talking in october and were married in june!

i remember being in his mother’s kitchen, standing by the tall white cabinets, trying to get her to confirm that it was indeed a ring. she can be very tight lipped. she just smiles when she’s like that and usually says something like, “i’m not saying anything.” or “i don’t know”.

well, i knew!

i remember driving one night up the road on the way to my parents when he was taking me home. i knew he was going to ask me. i just knew it! šŸ™‚

oh boy…what a whirlwind from the time i said yes and had the ring on my finger to….well, to today! this year in june we will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary! he is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and i am beyond grateful for him and his love! this journey of life, this journey of love we are is so wonderful and i hope and pray it continues for years to come!

geoffrey, i love you more than i did last night and i will love you all the days of my life! life is an adventure with you and i am honored to be your soulmate.

now, let’s get this day finished so we can move on to tomorrow! looking forward to the day with you that includes a date! šŸ™‚


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