bread experiments

usually sunday is my bread making day. i posted about my bread making process last week and today i did a few experiments. they turned out good!

first of all i added about 3 handfuls of oatmeal. i love oatmeal in my bread and figured it would be fine if i added. i think i shall do this all the time now!

this time i skipped the dough enhancer. i felt like i could tell it was missing but the results were not bad. the dough didn’t seem as light and airy is i how would explain it i guess. i’ll probably keep using it since i have it but not sure i feel the need to purchase again.

oh, and when i was shopping the other day i decided to look and see how much the vital wheat gluten was. it was pleasantly surprised it was only $1.76 a box! it was actually on a sale a bit. at first i wasn’t going to get it because it wasn’t on my list and i knew i still had some. i wasn’t sure if it was enough to last to me 2 weeks so, i got a box. i thought i paid about $3 for a box when i posted about my bread making process a few days ago.

i’m so glad my experiments were a success. i am very tired today after 3 nights of not good sleep so, having to make bread again would have NOT been fun!



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