here we go!

yesterday was such a busy day but, i got to spend it with geoffrey. we had a great day! among other things, he took me shopping for cowgirl boots – an early birthday present! after trying on many pairs i found the perfect ones! i was wearing them earlier today to break them in. it’s almost time for the houston livestock show and rodeo ’round here!

we also had lunch together at burger guys. its such a great place! we shared a burger, dog and french fries off their menu. so yummy. they make their own sauces/dips, their soda fountain is stocked with dr. pepper, root beer and grape sodas all made with imperial sugar! i had the grape…its been years since i drank a grape was so grapey! of course geoffrey had the dr. pepper. i realize sugar is sugar and its bad but we don’t drink much soda so if we want some why not choose the one without the high fructose sugar! the soda comes from a texas company. we’ve got it all here in the great big state of texas.

burger guys also gets their beef from a specific breed of rare cows (wagyu) that are raised here in texas. it had been SO long since we had a burger and it was so delicious! it was on a bed of arugula and had provolone cheese and one of their sauces. so, so yummy! pretty sure we’ll be going back there. when you order fries you get to choose two of their homemade sauces/dips. we of course wanted to try the house ketchup (i’m hoping to try my hand at it.) and cilantro blue cheese. geoffrey has a thing with blue cheese dressing. i think it’s his second love! 🙂 next time we have blue cheese dressing we might chop up some fresh cilantro and mix it in. it was very yummy! we were trying to figure out what was in the house ketchup. i finally asked the guys in the kitchen. cinnamon, ginger and fennel! it was very yummy. i told geoffrey when we were discussing what could possibly be in there that it tasted like anise or the like. enter fennel! that little bit of licorice and ginger combo was pretty yummy. they also get their cheese from a local farm.

we also stopped to look at garage that was going be torn down. one of our egg CSA members is remodeling and she asked geoffrey if he wanted to come salvage their garage, before it is torn down, and use the wood to build coops. of course he liked the idea of that! the siding is actually cedar. he got someone to cover his shift tomorrow and is going back with a truck, trailer and help and tearing down what they can! what a great way to recycle!

he thinks he might even get enough wood to  build a shelter for the 2 red wattle pigs we are getting! yup, you heard me right…we are getting pigs. now is the time to order young pigs to raise for delicious meat! oh boy…i can’t wait! we haven’t eaten pork in SO long. of all the animals raised for food pigs are treated the worst! i don’t think they ever see the light of day. they are penned up in confined areas their whole life. poor delicious pigs…

so, we are hoping to get other people who want some pastured pork for their freezer in a few months! i can’t wait! we raised pigs on our family owned dairy farm and i loved the pork roasts! divine. ham steaks, pork chops…mmmmm, mmmmm!

geoffrey also ordered the electric (solar powered) netted fencing today. it will be used for the pigs and the chickens. (if you are new here, we are starting houson’s first egg CSA.) we will rotate them around the land so they can ‘work’ the land!

so, the dream to farm is coming true.

the barry farm is underway!

look out houston…



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