allergy updates

well, last week i took seamus back to the allergist to go over the results from his allergy blood tests. remember him breaking out in hives after playing in the grass? well, he isn’t allergic to grass. he is however allergic to dust mites which is a new allergy. he is still allergic to an outside mold which is present in houston pretty much 12 months of the year. he is still allergic to peanuts but his sensitivity might be going down. oh, and cats…he’s still allergic to them!

they grade the sensitivity on a scale of 0-6. 0-1 usually doesn’t present any issues and 6 is the worst. for the mold, dust mites and peanuts he is class 3. for  cats he is class 5!

when we took him to the allergist almost 4 years ago…wow, i just added that up…i can’t believe its been that long!…when we took him to get the peanut allergy confirmed they told us he was also allergic to cats (like his daddy) and the outdoor mold. he had mostly skin tests done. this time he had all blood tests. seamus’ skin is pretty sensitive. if you draw a line on his arm with a ball point pen (not with the ink), wait 10 mins and check you’ll see a red line. his skin is raised and red. so, doing a bunch of skin testing…pricking his skin all over…you are going to see his skin get agitated. so by doing the blood tests it gives a more accurate result. (there is a term for this condition but i can’t remember it. derma….something.)

i asked the doctor if he could look back to 4 years ago and compare the results of the peanut allergy testing to the present. because he had skin testing done at the beginning and blood testing now he couldn’t be 100% sure but he said his initial peanut allergy class was probably a 5…now he’s at 3. so, this is good news we hope. good in the sense that his sensitivity is going done. there maybe hope that he can still outgrow this thing! (20% of young children outgrow peanut allergy around age 6) so, we’ll keep checking him each year and pray the sensitivity keeps going down.

the allergist couldn’t really help explain why no grass allergy. part of it could be the fact that our grass down here, st. augustine, is a very coarse, thick grass. him playing in it over time can cause his skin to get irritated. my friend sarah and i were also pointing out the fact that he didn’t start having problems playing in the grass until winter hit and it was dead. maybe when it grows in green and its somewhat softer we’ll see less issues. he played at sarahs’ the other night in their back yard quite a bit and had not problems. she had mowed and raked it earlier in the week so maybe that helped. grass is starting to green up around here.

so…we shall see. hopefully we are doing with him breaking out in hives while playing in grass. now that warm weather is here it is hard to tell the boy he can’t go out and play! i love him so much and glad that we are able to keep his allergies under control. he him safe. he is so precious!

one more thing about allergies then i’m done…and off to bed… cats. my husband can walk into a house and know shortly if a cats lives there! well, my friend sarah has a cat who lives in their home. when we first started hanging out and i saw they had a cat i was worried about how our relationship would be affected between the cat and seams. she has a little boy (who also has a peanut and cat allergy) and the boys like to play together. when i first saw the cat i was a bit crushed. i was worried we wouldn’t be able to hang out at our new friend’s house much. but, geoffrey and seamus can both go there and have little to no problems. seamus (and layla) actually spent the night there this weekend and seamus did just fine. we kept up on his normal allergy meds (which i double seeing i knew he was going to want to be outside with the other kids).

you might be thinking….seamus has a class 5 cat allergy and geoffrey probably the same…this doesn’t make sense. well, my dear friend sarah bathes this cat once a week, faithfully. she also keeps a pretty clean house and i never see anything on the carpets or notice dust around. she’s been doing this for years and it makes a world of difference! i am so very thankful that a stinkin’ cat didn’t come between us all! 🙂 sarah…you are so great!

so, enough about allergies…i’m going to bed. its been an exhausting, great, super, tiring week! check out the barry farm to hear about it! 🙂

for any who might be curious…we are still treating seamus’ peanut allergy as severe. just because it looks like his sensitivity could be going down doesn’t mean we are changing a thing in the constant, total avoidance of them! he is way to precious!


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