Weekend review

Whew…what a weekend!

(geoffrey is talking to my mom. I like hearing them talk..)

I can’t remember all what happened friday…i think geoffrey & i did stuff around the house then we went to the barry farm to feed chickens. He had to go to work at 5pm. Oh, and i finished up the planting! i’ll blog about the planting soon.

saturday we all got up and geoffrey headed off to a bee seminar. i did a bunch of stuff around the inside of the house. did you know we are getting a few beehives? we are and geoffrey has been doing lots of research and been going to bee keepers association meeting and this seminar on saturday. the president of the harris county bee keepers association called him this evening to check up on him and see if he had any questions. i haven’t bought white sugar in probably over a month. we use a lot of honey! i’m so excited for the day to use our own unfiltered raw honey! 🙂

today we left the house by 9:15am to head to sienna family fellowship to say good bye to some dear friends who are moving away. from there we headed to the farm to get some work done. we were there from 12:30 – 5:30pm. we got stuff done!! we like working together as a family. the kids did really good! we put them to work and they did great together. they explored and had fun.

while geoffrey constructed nest boxes and kept the brush fire going i cleaned up trash. man, it was hot! i took many breaks…i need to get back to doing ok in this heat. it was in the 80’s today. the sun wasn’t out all the time so that was good. over the past many, many years trash was allowed to be dumped on this land that we lease and so the land owners have been helping us clean it up. they did a bunch of work with the tractor hauling out trash and such but lots of glass and broken tiles were left. geoffrey wanted to sow seeds (that are in route) but the ground is SO hard…rock hard! we aren’t so sure that the seeds will take. he’s going to try to figure out what to do about it.

so, that’s a quick recap of our weekend. hope ya’ll had a great one!


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