spring planting is done!

seeing how busy geoffrey has been with the barry farm, i told him i would take on the spring planting. of course, only after talking with him and getting his direction. he is the master gardener after all and has learned a lot to help with our vegetable gardening success. or at least we hope there is great success!

the first thing that has helped tremendously is irrigation. there were two big beds that needed to have the irrigation finished. here’s what it looks like…



i had no idea how hard it was to push the stinking drippers into the hole i punched! grrrrr….i had to walk away several times. my thumbs took a beating. i think it required 30 droppers!

but before the irrigation i scooped up some nice dirt under leaves that were composting in the yard. i turned up all the beds and mixed the compost in.



our tomatoes are doing so wonderful. i’m hoping they are going to produce a very big harvest because i want to can!! the eggplant is looking great, the beans, the okra, the basil, the oregano, the parsley, the mint, the corn, the cukes and i’m waiting for the squash and melons to germinate! oh, and daddy’s peppers! 🙂 i still need to get some dill. i really want and need dill!

in other news… we sold one of our chickens here in the backyard. tillie had to go to a new home. we just couldn’t get her to stay in! one of the times she got out she dug up some of the cucumber plants!! i planted more after she left. she was a bit of handful and while we liked eating her cream colored egg she gave us on a regular basis, keeping our vegetable plants alive and thriving is more important at this point!

we also have baby chicks. we ordered some meat birds and they are out in our garage until they loose their cute little baby feathers. in a few weeks they will be headed out to the barry farm! pretty sure the kids are going to sad… i’m pretty sure the kids are going to be sad when they aren’t babies anymore!

so, that’s enough for now! i’m tired… but, i’ll be back!



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