march with the smiths

well, march is over.

april is already here?


it seemed to come quickly.

march was a busy month! the dream of the barry farm became reality! we got 60 hens which started laying on friday! geoffrey went to the land to feed and water them and he found 3 eggs! saturday we got 2 and today the kids can i found 5. not sure how much longer it will be a few eggs here and there. they should all be the same age so we just need to wait until they all start laying…our customers are patiently awaiting weekly delivery of eggs!

geoffrey’s also been in contact with nonesuch farm about getting red wattle pigs. we are waiting to go pick them up in late march! we are getting 3. (not all for us, we are raising some for others.)

and about 10 days ago (or so) seamus and i took a trip to the post office and picked up 40 chicks! we are raising pastured chickens. unfortunately we lost 5-6 so we are down to about 34. it happens… the kids love having them in our garage. not sure they are really listening to us when we tell them they are eventually going out the barry farm!

so, now most of my days revolve around ‘my chores’! between dropping off/picking up kids at school, driving to the land to take care of the chickens and collect eggs, clean and feed the baby chicks in the garage 2x a day, tend to the vegetable garden plus laundry/dishes/meals…i’m no longer bored! 🙂 i was never really bored…although i think geoffrey must have thought i was! LOL! (i love you, geoffrey!) now i’m just on the go all day on most days! did you get that?

it’s all good. life is wonderful and we are blessed!

i turned 32 this month and my crazy son keeps reminding me of that. oh, and he tells others too! he’s such a nut!

layla and seamus continue to do well in school. lay seems to be slacking a bit with her routine math worksheets and tests so we are working on that. she got straight A’s again (takes after her dad – not me!) and was on the honor roll. the principal even wrote a note on her report card…she was excited about that! i went on a field trip with seamus. field trips with pre-schoolers are always an adventure!

spring break came and went. we did go visit our friends esther, rachel, joel and rosie one day which was wonderful! daddy had to work most of the week. we of course made our daily trips to the land and i think we did go out for mexician one night! oh, and we did go to the rodeo as well! i have pictures i should post from the rodeo…it’s always a fun time. i got a sunburn and got talked into riding a ride a didn’t like very much with my two precious babies! imagine that… it was the 2nd time they were getting in line to go and they wanted mommy and daddy to go. we weren’t sure how many tickets we had left so we told them to just go and have fun for the 2nd time. well, seamus just wasn’t having that. he begged and begged for mommy to go… i went… i was scared… i screamed… i held on for dear life and prayed my children were doing the same! we all got wet… the kids were overjoyed… i was glad to be off the ride… the end!

geoffrey attended a meeting and lecture on beekeeping in march. he has ordered everything needed but the bees. once the supplies for the hives come and they are set up and out at the land he will order the bees themselves. we are excited to have harvest our OWN honey! cannot wait!

so, i think that pretty much sums up the month of march here. if i left anything out…someone remind me! oh, and we did have a great family sleepover weekend with doug, gwen and the kids!

i’m pretty sure april is going to be busy as well. so… here we go!


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