my day starts and revolves are two things.

getting one or both kids to school on time and morning chores.

its been a long time since i had chores to do EVERY morning. every morning no matter what! (well, expect for some days that geoffrey is off he takes care of them.)

i grew up with having to do morning chores. the one i remember to most…that always needed to be done was feeing the calves! ugh… they are only cute for a bit. its not cute when they slobber and butt you! and when its time to teach them to drink from a bucket instead of bottle…that can be rather annoying. some learn quick. some learn slow.

there were other morning chores that i had to do too. grain the cows (they all didn’t get the same amount), if we had pigs or chickens they needed fed too.

i don’t remember what time i got up. too early  for me i’m sure was my thinking! we went to private christian schools most of my school years so mom was our transportation until we were able to drive. for a number of years we went to a school that was over 30 minutes away so…mornings started early!

so most of my weekday mornings look like this…

up by at least 6:30 to get ready for the day.
layla’s alarm goes off at 7 and she usually peeks in on me with a ‘good morning mommy’.
then its breakfast and getting her ready for school. we are out the door by 7:52.
home to take care for the baby chicks – give fresh bedding, fresh water and fill feed. feed and water the laying hens in the backyard. checking on the gardens as i walk by.
if its a tuesday or thursday (pre-k day for seamus) the above chores need to be done as soon as we get home from dropping off layla. we are usually home by 8:15 or so. i usually pack up so i can go to the land after i drop seamus off and we leave about 9:05 to get him to school on time.

then its errands or back to the house to keep things rolling here. today is a day i need to catch up a bit here at home…i hope. when summer comes…i’m not even going to count the weeks! i am thinking it might be helpful if we kept a regular schedule of when we go to the land. i know the kids will continue to get up the same time everyday so i’m hoping i can get us on a bit of a normal schedule. part of it will have to revolve around the laying hens at the barry farm. most days our chickens in the backyard have all laid their eggs by mid morning. i will want to go to the land when i can gather the most eggs! yesterday we got 10! if they kept that up we’ll be delivering eggs before long!

yesterday we were all to the land before 4. (we took lay out of school early) the kids and i painted the pig shelter red! it needs a little white paint still. i helped geoffrey finish the field pen for meat birds. they will out to the land maybe in another week, i hope! the field pen keeps them safe, offers them shade and shelter and will be moved everyday to give them fresh grass. here’s a picture of it!




geoff’s original plan was to make it out of pvc but we couldn’t find all the necessary parts at home depot to make it work. so, while standing in home depot we talked it over and came up with a plan to build one like this! even though i picked up the wrong brackets we still made it work and were under our budget! yay! it doesn’t look it but its 8×8 feet square.

ok, i must get busy around the house here. thanks for listening about my morning chores! 🙂


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