creation follows inspiration

often times inspiration leads me to creations. if i eat something i like, i think to myself…i can make this! why pay someone to make that when i probably can make it pretty close? and i also get to control what goes into it. i like controlling what goes into my mouth or that of my family and friends. i feel good about making food. it is fulfilling. sure, i could call ahead and pick it up at the restaurant but…making it myself is fulfilling and rewarding. its worth the effort!

so, my friend sarah introduced me to a korean restaurant that is right near our house. geoffrey and i had always wanted to try it but…we just weren’t too sure about it. well, one day sarah brought me lunch. their #6 lunch special with an unsweetened ice tea. the korean name for #6 is bi bim bap. she was sure i would like it and boy did i! we’ve had it a handful times since then and started realizing we could make #6 in our own kitchen. i did a little google research and we went to the ranch 99 (asian) market. we needed a spicy (chili pepper) sauce that we were hoping to find there. we did come home with something. it not the exact sauce but we like it! and going to the market was quite the experience. we had fun!

so, sarah came over today and i made #6 for us for lunch. bi biome bap is a tongue twister so we just refer to it as #6! she was over the first time i made and she and geoffrey were my taste testers! they both agreed it needed more ginger and garlic – easy enough!

don’t these veggies and rice looks super delicious and healthy?

we have red cabbage, carrots, rice, bean sprouts, mushrooms and there is a pile of pressed garlic and pile of fresh grated ginger. oh boy…i want more ASAP!

here is how i make it… (mom, you’re gonna love this recipe!)

renee’s mixed rice bowl

add a swirl of olive oil to a hot skillet.
saute the cabbage and carrots. i want them to end up a lil' crisp so i cook them with that i mind.
after a few mins i add in the rice, bean sprouts, mushrooms, garlic and ginger.
add a swirl of soy sauce.
shake (or grind) in some sea salt and pepper.
once it has all warmed through i put it in a bowl that you'll serve it from.
next i cook an egg (from our backyard chickens) to my liking or the liking of whom i'm making it for.
top the mixed rice bowl with the egg. 
break up your egg and add in the korean spicy sauce to taste. its spicy but also a bit sweet!
next, eat up!

all the flavors together are just marvelous! you’ve got your grains, your veggies, your protein all in one bowl of deliciousness! you could also add meat if you like  (when i order mine i get tofu). at the korean restaurant you can choose beef or chicken. if i was to add meat i would saute it in olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe some of that korean spicy sauce. maybe i would dip the meat in flour before sautéing it…yeah, that’s what i’d do. maybe next time i’ll get some tofu to add. who knows…all i know is i’m making for geoffrey when he gets home from work tonight! 🙂

this is a picture i snapped the first time i made it at home.

i love creating delicious things and more importantly things that are good for you!


1 Comment

  1. MOM said,

    April 19, 2011 at 8:12 am

    Yum Yum. You are right-it sounds great! But love your recipe more. You sound like Rachel Ray… a swirl of this,a shake of that…

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