before we went to pick up layla from school yesterday, seamus and i skipped to randalls (grocery store) to get some organic raisins on sale and check the cooler for 50% off greek yogurts. we scored! but, when we walked in they have bunches of daffodils on sale as well. i like daffodils and will miss seeing them in yards like in the northeast! i decided i was going to buy some and take home. i then remember it was sweet kasha’s birthday and i was going to see her mom…my friend sarah, so i got her some too!

well, when i showed layla the flowers she was excited and wanted to put some in her room. at first i said no…but then i thought…why not? of course seamus piped in that he wanted some in his room too! layla told him boys don’t like flowers. such a big sister she is! i was thinking to myself…my kids are going to take all my daffodils! well, some to find out the two bunches we had fit in 3 small/skinny vases i had. so, i had plenty for some in the kitchen! 🙂

i quick snapped some pictures with my iphone. they kids just loved having them in their room! boy do i LOVE them!! they showed daddy when he came home from work.

and LJS, you might notice i put those palm leaves to good use! 🙂

there is a bit of northeastern spring around our home and i love it!


1 Comment

  1. MOM said,

    April 19, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Sigh… we are still waiting for them to blossom. It is a late spring this year. They look lovely in your vases and in the kids rooms!

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