a grant

boy, its been a while since i last posted. i’ve been busy. busy farming, trying to keep up with the garden, school, doctor appointments, church…and the list goes on. its a good busy, a different busy.

so, a bit ago had a call on my cell from a number i didn’t recognize and i rarely answer… especially when my kids are at home and i know it’s not a call from school. but, i decided to answer seeing it was quiet and it was a nice gentlemen from the texas department of agriculture. i knew right away what he was calling about it!

last week geoffrey and i last minute filled out and mailed off applications for the 2011 texas department of agriculture – young farmers grant! geoffrey started filling it out and quickly realized that if i applied i would ‘score’ better. you get different points for things like (but not limited to) education level, ag experience, and what things are you raising/producing. well, seeing i have A LOT of ag experience i scored better than my well educated husband! hahaha!

so, we decided i should fill out the application and see if we could get some help for the barry farm. then we decided we should both fill it out! there wasn’t any rules about married couples and filling out the forms so we both sent them off. a kind gentleman called to talk over the forms and suggest that we just file my application seeing it scored better. he could tell from our applications that i did most of the most, that i had way more ag experience and that we both really were doing this together. i agreed and kindly thanked him for calling and helping us out!

so, we shall see. its a matching grant and i believe the way it works if we say…purchase a dexter steer for $X we submit that and they reimburse us that same $X. god has been so good and we have paid cash for everything we have needed to purchase for the barry farm out of pocket! and its been a lot…let’s just say it hasn’t been like $200. so, we are very thankful and blessed that when we have needed it, there has been extra money in the budget. so, this grant would help us do even more things!

the grant application came with a list of surplus and deficit commodities in the state of texas. things like beef, pecans, grapefruit, cotton, mustard and collard greens were in the list of 14 surplus commodities. the deficit commodities were 69 other items and guess what was in the top 5?

eggs and pork! that helped out score on the application. honey is also listed farther down the list on the deficit side which helped as well!

geoffrey has alway been adamant that we aren’t going to raise or produce anything thing unless we have a customer for it. in case you’re wondering about how we decided to do certain things, that’s the idea behind them. geoffrey wanted to farm. he found people who wanted fresh local pastured eggs. we now have 59 of them laying eggs every day that we deliver once a week to those people. we wanted meat. we decided pigs were easy enough to raise and we found a whole bunch of friends who wanted pork too. now we are raising 4 red wattle pigs we purchased from nonesuch farm that will feed about 10 families!

so, that’s what’s going on in our world this evening. you know when you fill out paperwork and take the time to answer everything the best you know how then you send it off and think…i wonder if anyone will actually read this. will anyone actually care. will they understand. will they get enough of the picture of who and what we are about? well, the gentleman i talked to this evening seemed to have a good grasp on what was up with us and he could only know from reading both of applications well. so, we are thankful. we are praying we get this grant. (for those of you who know me well…i am smiling and laughing as i write this blog about a young farmers grant through the state of texas! 🙂 )

by the way…for supper we had a fresh cucumber from the garden and beef stroganoff that i made with a chuck roast given to us by the wonderful parkers of the nonesuch farm on the day we picked up the 4 pigs! melissa and don..again, i thank you for the delicious meat you sent home with us and the way you have helped geoffrey and the barry farm. you shall never be forgotten!


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  1. MOM said,

    May 11, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Oh Renee, this is all too funny! Yes I can imagine you laughing as you wrote this. It is just so amazing where God can lead you. Who would have ever thought that you would be this deeply involved in agriculture at 3? yrs of age, with a husband with agriculture visions and dreams! And who is the perfect partner for him!! Love it!!!!

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