may in review

boy, oh boy! i just don’t know where to begin about all that happened in may! i’ll give it my best shot..

well, seamus turned 5! yes, 5! can’t really believe it… we had a great time celebrating with family and friends. geoffrey also had a birthday and i made him a cake with maple boiled frosting!!

the next week i took both kids to a pediatric ophthalmologist for eye exams. layla’s prescription changed a bit for her and she’s been sporting her new glasses. the following day i took seamus  back and suspected he was going to need glasses, however i didn’t know how bad he needed them! he has been sporting his new glasses as well and  is so super cute and looks super smart! he loves them, thankfully. i think it helped seeing his big sister has been wearing glasses for over a year now. i need to take seamus back in a month to be sure his eyes are adjusting well.

we’ve been busy with the barry farm. geoffrey picked up two bee hives for us – yay!! the pigs are growing, laying hens laying and the broilers (meat birds) are now in the freezer which makes for less chores! 🙂 it was quite the process getting them from field to freezer and geoffrey and i are so thankful for the helper we had! we couldn’t have done it without them.

seamus graduted from pre-school and has been done with school for a few weeks! he was so cute and adorable at his graduation. we are so proud of him!

we are harvesting things from our garden a lot now and it is wonderful!! for memorial day we smoked a local brisket and i roasted up veggies from the garden…okra, eggplant and tomatoes – yumo!

i’ve been trying to catch up on house work around here. days that geoffrey is working i go to the land with whatever kids are home with me. i’m not sure if summer will be easier or harder…we shall see!

here are a few pictures taken in may.


layla helping me bake!

birthday boy!

birthday boy’s cake!

mother’s day tea with my boy!

kids sporting their new glasses! you don’t want to know how much they are wearing on their cute faces…geoffrey wanted to know if seamus’ came with an insurance policy! ha ha!

we love them so much! we are headed out to eat in a bit (using up a gift card) to celebrate the end of school and all their hard work! we are so proud of them! lay has a half day tomorrow and its summer time!














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