new farmer’s workshop

yesterday geoffrey and drove to austin for a new farmer’s workshop put on by the texas organic farmer and gardener association (TOFGA). it was held a boggy creek farm which sits on about 5 acres of land inside austin city limits. we had  such a great time and it was great experience! great speakers and resources. larry and carol ann, the owners of boggy creek farm were very helpful and friendly and we both enjoyed talking to them! they have on site market days twice a week where about anywhere from 90-200+ attend one of those days.

the panel of speakers spoke on soil, selling produce to local restaurants, selling produce to whole foods markets in the austin/houston areas, CSAs, holistic crop management and a few other topics.

i meant to count but i think there were about 20-30 people. some people seemed to be couples while some were individuals. some of us were farming now, some where wanting to but looking for guidance, help, resources. of course geoffrey’s wheels were just a turning all day regarding our continued journey with the barry farm! it was a great day to share him!

we sat under the big shady trees on the farm’s front lawn. by the afternoon it was 98 degrees but it wasn’t too bad sitting in the shade. when i was talking with larry and telling him a bit of our story i told him i was born and raised in vermont. he said, ‘VERmont?! why would you ever leave there?’ of course i laughed and proceeded to tell him how i was so thrilled to be moving the city and would never in a million think my husband would want to farm in houston, texas!! we agreed that milking anything was out of the question and agreed to let me call him if geoffrey started talking about milking anything! 🙂

here are a few pictures i snapped with my trusty iphone seeing i didn’t have our camera.



larry talking with the group before the workshop started.

carol ann giving a tour of some of the farm.

one panel of speakers.

larry spraying down the trees behind us in the really did provide a bit of relief. such a smart old man!



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