a mini vacay to the gulf

last week this time we were enjoying the beach! we signed layla up for sea camp at texas a & m galveston for a 3 day camp on sea mammals. she had such a great time and i wish she could go to more the day camps offered this summer. we’ll definitely be checking them out next summer! this was the first year they held day camps for 6-8 year olds…i hope they keep it going because seamus would love it too! in the photos i’ll post you will see the list of things they did.

we were blessed with a beach house to stay in at no cost! god is so good! we hoped in the truck and drove right to the beach. we stayed on the west end of galveston which was a first for us. usually when we go to the beach we just go the east end because its easy to get to and it takes just over an hour from home. it took us almost 2 hours to get to the beach house!

we all had such a great time being away and being away at the ocean together! there were late nights, stops for ice creams treats, mini golf, a movie, hours on the beach, sand castles, lots of crabs, a trip to our favorite pizza place…just a great time!

check out the photos from our trip HERE!


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