i (we) have been seeing LOTS of blue the last week! on thursday the kids and i went and picked almost 13 pounds of blueberries! we were enjoying them all weekend. i made jam, we had a fresh (no baking required) blueberry pie, lots by the handful, in a fruit salad and some in the freezer. i really wanted more and geoffrey was off yesterday and said he’d love to go pick with us…so off we went! this is the 2nd year we have picked blueberries from moorhead blueberry farm in conroe, texas. they have about 20 acres of blueberries on their farm that is if i remember right about 30 years old (?). they haven’t used pesticides/chemicals/yucky- bad- stuff you don’t want on your berries which is exactly what we wanted!! hard to find. and…they are a u-pick only farm, provide buckets for picking, they bag up the berries for you, have multiple restroom facilities, shady bushes, a sno-cone stand (that we learned isn’t open in the late afternoon/evening when we go) and very friendly staff. oh, and the berries are $2 a pound! we shall return there every year for as long as we can!

the last batch of jam is in the canner right now! i’m wanting to bake a delicious blueberry pie. i was hoping to do that today… if not today, tomorrow for sure!

the kids have become quite the blueberry pickers. we picked a little over 12 pounds with geoffrey and got done fairly quickly. with the extra set of adults hands i had less stems to weed out this time around 🙂 seamus just asked for a sunbutter and blueberry jam sandwich! i made our jams with honey only. just enough to make it sweet. this year i am using a texas honey but next year i am hoping to be using our very own barry farm honey! that will be awesome!


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