give THIS pasta salad a try!

so, i frequently check out to see what the pioneer woman has been up to…what she’s been cooking. if i could i would probably try 95% of her recipes. they are all just simply divine.

i saw this recipe for THIS pasta salad the other day and went right out and got myself some smoked gouda, and the adobo peppers, the only ingredients i was missing. i mean i had cherry tomatoes and basil from the garden so WHY NOT make it?

i whipped it up, gave a taste test…ok maybe a few and put it in the fridge. i sent it work with geoffrey the next day and he said it was the best pasta salad he had ever had. actually i think he used the word ‘awesome’! he has had many pasta salads over the years and just doesn’t care for them.

i liked this one because even though it called for mayo it wasn’t laden with bunch of it. your traditional macaroni and potato salads just have too much and i don’t want all the fat. this one i knew would be bursting with a melody of flavors!

every once in awhile the pioneer woman invites people to their lodge on their ranch in OK for a weekend of cooking. that would be something!

so, you take a look at this delicious recipe and i am going to go make some blueberry crepes! the love my life has requested them so…off i go! scratch that…the pie is first! i forgot. silly me!


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