friends at the farm

yesterday we met our friends at the land. it was their first visit.

rosie came with esther, rachel and baby joel. they go to immergent (church) with us every saturday night!

rosie is great at photography and is working on building a portfolio as she starts her own business so, i asked her if she wanted to come shoot pictures at the barry farm. we are now the first farm in houston she has come to photograph! we think its pretty cool and more she shares some of the many pics she took we think its WAY cool! check out this one…


* Nice to LOOK at, nice to SHARE but please do not crop or edit, please, if you'll take a care*

this is one of our red wattle pigs loving the mud! its rather HOT here in texas and with the little rain we are getting we pour a bucket or two of water everyday in their area and make a wallow for them! now when i start walking by them with buckets they follow me…they know what’s coming! 🙂

anyway…back to rosie and pictures. you should have seen her taking pictures…she was loving it! loving being outside. loving being with animals. loving being ‘on the farm’. the kids did well and of course helped gather eggs!! they didn’t break one…but i did! whoops…

you can check out rosie’s photography page on Facebook – she’s under “rosemary elizabeth photography”.


1 Comment

  1. Rosie said,

    July 22, 2011 at 10:32 am

    You are right! I was LOVING it. Being outside with a camera – That is my happy place! Thank you for the pleasure. I am in love with your pigs. They are beautiful!

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