it’s a girl!

seven years ago today i was probably working and  the sweet ladies in my office were guessing if i would deliver over the weekend or not! i miss those ladies…

we didn’t know what we were having. would it be a boy or a girl?

we had names picked out. names we loved and didn’t tell our family! (they loved that! haha!)

during the night i had a backache that gradually got worse. i finally realized it must be contractions but they were all in my back.

when they got closer together we headed to the hospital.

we called parents. brothers. sisters. some met us there.

i labored for about 6 hours.

i tried bouncing on the yoga ball which was too small for my tall self.

my mom & geoffrey took turns rubbing & massaging my back while i was in the hot shower.

i had back labor the entire time.

i labored in the tub.


it was time! i wondered if i would know when it was time…when it was time to push. yup! i sure did!

my normal doctor wasn’t on shift, which i was sad about and i got the doctor that some would say is not so nice.


but then she commented on my beautiful freshly pedicured toes!

i liked her.

then she yelled at me for screaming…it hurt, what was i suppose to do?

thankfully a sweet nurse explained my yelling and screaming would wear me out quicker.


i knew it was over.

i knew my baby was born.

i could hear the doctor talking but what did she say?



i had to ask if it was a girl or a boy. i missed it!

it was a girl….

i am sure geoffrey and i were thinking at the same time – layla bree.

we had a beautiful girl named layla bree!

the miracle of life that was created and grew inside my body was now in our arms.

we could touch her. see her. hold her. smell her. kiss her.

those moments following her birth i was so glad we didn’t find out if she was girl. it was simply magical.

she was just perfect!

we brought her home to the small apartment we were living in…a one bedroom. it was right across the street from geoffrey’s parents. geoffrey often tells layla how he would carry her over to visit in a laundry basket! 🙂

i remembered when we got home being worried about being a mom. being a parent. could i really do this? would i know when she was hungry, tired, sick…i was in charge of this little life!

geoffrey and i thought it would be a great idea to have babies and be parents and …. here we were with our first child!

and look at her today…













she is going to be 7 tomorrow.


she is wonderful!

simply lovely and wonderful and we love her to the moon and back 5 billion times!




  1. montroseblvd said,

    July 28, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Love the story! I am currently reading a book that says love in its essence is saying “I am glad you are here”. I kinda felt that in your story, that first meeting between you and your sweet daughter, when you looked at her and said in your heart “I’m glad you are here”.

    Happy Birthday to Layla!

  2. Geoffrey said,

    July 28, 2011 at 11:58 am

    That was the best story I have heard in a long time. Im sitting at work in the break room eating lunch trying not to show my co workers that I am crying. I love my beautiful wife and the mini Renee that we are raising. Blessed beyond my wildest

  3. MOM said,

    July 29, 2011 at 6:21 am

    Such beautiful memories. Just can’t imagine our lives without Layla. And Seamus. And Geoffrey. And you, Renee! Life is good! Thank you, Lord!

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