july’s gone!

oh july…why did you go so quickly?

july was good. busy, busy around here but that the norm lately.

we didn’t do much for the 4th. we all went to the land and i think we moved animals. i think we got some local grassfed burgers and cooked them on the grill…or was that memorial day? no i think memorial was brisket. anyway…we spent the day together. that night we drove to katy mills mall and parked to watch fireworks. we found a great spot along with about 10 other vehicles then were told my a cop we had to leave. ugh… that wasn’t the worse part though. the kids had fun. people were passing our glow sticks so the kids had fun with those. we saw the ISS pass over! i was checking twitter and saw tim heller posted to watch for it. it was pretty neat. the kids even got to see it. when the fireworks display was over we sat in traffic! i’m not really sure what the problem was but we seriously didn’t move even a 1/4 mile in an hour!! the kids weren’t too happy as they were pretty tired! its the price you pay sometimes for going to events like that…of course we tried to explain that to them πŸ™‚

geoffrey started a new job the second week in july. he is now a CATH lab nurse and working for st. lukes downtown. its a much needed break from emergency nursing for him (and us). he is still working through orientation and liking it! the CATH lab is were patients go for heart catheterizations and such. the like hiring skilled ER nurses. his orientation hours are 7a-3p and we are certainly loving those! one day we met him at the zoo after work. we’ve been swimming and biking some evenings too!

we got 13 baby turkeys this month. we are pleased that we only lost one! they’ve been out to the land in their temporary field pen for 1-2 weeks now and are doing wonderful! the barry farm is proud to be offering local pastured turkeys for thanksgiving! a few are taken and if you are interested you should contact us at thebarryfarm@yahoo.com for more details.

our friend rosie who is working on starting up her photography business, rosemary elizabeth photography came to the barry farm to take pictures! she did such a great job! Β check out this picture of the kids she took…i love it!



they crack me up!!

i think she and geoffrey & i learned how photogenic red wattle pigs are. you know when i see them i am always looking down on them…like this photo…

but when she there with her camera and getting right on their level she got images such as this…

and of course our favorite…hog heaven…

that’s one happy pig πŸ™‚

the kids and started school shopping. we’ve got some more to do.

i started making homemade mayo a few weeks ago. i flub a few batches but got it now! this is the recipe i use. be sure you have a nice light olive oil. light in color means light in flavor…learned that! and of course i use the barry farm eggs πŸ™‚

last weekned was layla’s birthday and she had a fun few days! the day before her birthday she and seamus went to grammy and tata’s (geoff’s parents) overnight. she wanted a day off at the farm…and she got it! geoffrey picked them up on friday after he got out of work. i was home in the kitchen making bread and supper. geoffrey and i had gotten and set up a 10 gallon aquarium for her, she had no idea! they stopped of for a few fish on the way home πŸ™‚ after we ate we told them it was time to go! we all went and saw smurf’s in 3D. thankfully we got into the 2nd theatre we went to! hahaa! they had fun and were super tired on the way home. earlier in the week we drove down to kemah to go to the bommin’ by the bay free concert that the local christian radio station sponsors. layla kept hearing about it and really wanted to go! last week was their last concert so after geoffrey got home from work…we drove to the bay! she was so cute and loved it!

now august has arrived… three full weeks left of summer! sigh…then school begins… that reminds me, i need to order seamus his llbean backpack, he wants green πŸ™‚ did you know llean has free shipping now?

so, that’s what happened here in july.



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  1. Gift Baskets said,

    October 25, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    I can honestly say I have never heard of the no bake cookie! Thanks for mentioning it and the blonde no bake! Busy time you have going for yourself! Enjoy everything and keep up the blog!

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