busy. hot. dry.

its been a bit since i blogged last.

we’ve been busy around here. let’s see…. what have i (we) done in the past few weeks?

i had about 27 pounds of local (katy) pears that i was working on perserving. most of them i dried in the dehydrator for the kids lunches. i did can 4 quart jars – seamus likes canned pears. they are sitting in the cupboard with the canned peaches. i also made a delicious cardamom scented oatmeal crisp…geoffrey kept looking at the pears on the counter and asked why i wasn’t BAKING with them! it was very yummy but if i made a again i would a) put a little more cardamom in and b) make more! we also ate a bunch of delicious juicy pears 🙂 the last one went in geoffrey lunch today.

the kids and i have been gathering school supplies. we go meet the teacher tonight! we might go this morning beacause i have to drop off seamy’s epi pen and benadryl to the school nurse along with the medical forms. we are hoping to stop by and see seamy’s teacher while we are there. we’ll go back later in the afternoon to help set up for “meet the teacher night”. daddy will meet us there when he gets home from work so he can meet the teachers as well. all in all i am looking forward to school but the stress of seamus’ peanut allergy looms about. its rough. i don’t like it. it changes everything….but, i’ve already cried twice about it so i’m not writing about it now!

of course we have been busy with farming as well. it is SO very dry! record breaking drought and record breaking heat (every day of august has been at least 100 degrees) are NOT a good mix at all! mandatory water restrictions have begun. its very sad and heart breaking. we don’t have much grass left to move the pigs, turkeys and chickens to so, we are just keeping them in the shade as much as we can. we are making plans for the next round of meat birds (chickens).

well, i need to go make the most of this early morning and get a big batch of homemade wheat tortillas done.


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