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well, some of you know that school has started here in houston! lay is a bit confused why its still so hot but everyone refers to school ‘starting in the fall’! 🙂 i love her! we are still in them middle of a horrid drought and are in day 23 i think of triple digit temps…all in a row! seamus’ recess falls in the afternoon and they haven’t been allowed outside due to the high heat index (105+ degrees)

i want to thank those of you who have been praying for this start of school. i know some of you but not all. while the past few days haven’t been easy i have had a peace that i know is only coming god and the prayers! seriously…i can’t describe it. my phone did ring, while i was at the land (the barry farm) during the kindergarten lunch hour and i panicked a bit. about 8 seconds in to the call i realized the woman was calling about the work order they recieved to fix the dryer! i exhaled.

i really hate food allergies. and i don’t think i use the word hate much! it brings such an added stress. until you have to deal with it there is really now way to know what its like.

i had a few moments of fear and tears one weekend before school started. my mind kept going to the thing that keeps a mom’s (a parent’s) eye on all the details regarding food that is near or going to go into my son’s mouth. i scan playgrounds and people walking around the zoo to see if anyone is eating anything. i remember the first time i brought the kids to the library and child was snacking on whatever that peanut cereal is!! “REALLY?”, i thought to myself…can’t we just be safe at the library??

and now, i was finding myself constantly thinking about the fact that i had to send my precious baby, my 5 year to school. he was ready. kindergarten had arrived. it took me a few days to get all my questions and concerns answered by the school as to how they were going to handle lunch, who was going to help him get a seat away from kids with packed lunches from home.

the day i went to the school, before it started, to meet the new staff in the nurses office and bring the epi pen & benadryl, i was sick to my stomach. i was nervous. i didn’t want to go.

through my tears of fear one night i told geoffrey that seamus has been my sole responsibility pretty much his entire life. yes, he had some sleep overs with grammy and baby sitters (our neighbors across the street), children’s church but that was mostly with his grammy anyway, special dates with daddy, or a stay at bestie’s house who has a peanut allergy son of her own… but, now i was going to have to give that up for over 7 hours a day, 5 days a week!  i felt like i was loosing control….not sure there is a more watchful eye than a mom’s! control i had for the past 4 years since discovering his allergy. the biggest thing with food allergies is getting others, especially those who will care for your son, to realize how serious it is! how would i know his teachers and lunch staff really got it?? he’s not the first kid there to have a severe allergy. i knew that. i also am pretty sure they’ve never had an emergency related to food allergies there either. but, we are talking about my baby! (i know there a lot of “I’s” in this post and i want you all to know geoffrey is just as watchful as i but, i am the stay at home mom. if he was the stay at home dad i would have complete confidence in him!)

seamus’ teacher called me first thing one morning after i sent her a very early morning email voicing my confusion/concerns about who was going to help seamus with lunch time the first week of school. who is going to teach him to sit at the end of the table so all the kids with purchased lunches will sit around him and not those with packed. who will talk with the lunch aides? she finally said what i needed to hear…she told me she had it. she would do all that! (i will be following up with her the end of the week to see how things are going 🙂 )

while seamus did go to pre-k 2 days a week for a few hours, it was a private school. smaller. the kids ate in the classroom with their two teachers and maybe 15 other students. not hundreds of kids in cafeteria with a few aides walking around to monitor. i saw his teachers at drop off and pick up. we talked peanuts now and then…things i needed to hear. things they were asking, seeing and taking care of.

the 5 days a week, 7 hours a day away from me is rough. as a stay at home mom this has been a big deal for me. seamus is our last kid at home starting school! i was sure this day wouldn’t come this fast. (i know ya’ll told me it would….) he was excited to start but if he wasn’t, i know it would  be a lot harder on me!

the last two days i have walked him to class being sure he knew how to find his room on his own but…tomorrow (wed), i’ll just drop them off. out the truck door they will go… i still remember the first day i did that when lay started kinder. as i pulled away i kept watching her (and road) to see her as long as i could… it was rough! i sent her off to the big school i had only been in once before a few days before to meet her teacher.  i’m thinking tomorrow will be easier because i’ve done this before. because i am familiar with the school. i have been there many times walking the halls, volunteering…it feels safe.

i am SO thankful there is ONE who holds the weight of the world in his hands but seamus doesn’t slip through the cracks! (thank you, peter furler, for those lyrices i’ve been holding on to!)

my prayers of protection will continue. my peace will continue too. of this…i am sure! thank you, lord.


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  1. February 22, 2012 at 9:48 am

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