hello september!

well, there is really only one word to describe the month of august. if you live here (houston/texas) you know what word i am going to use! it was just downright blazing H.O.T.! the hottest on record. its so sad that we are breaking heat and drought records at the same time. not a good mix. not a good mix at all! and the wildfires…its heartbreaking.

in august we took a quick weekend trip to see our friends, the austins, who moved from way north texas (witchita falls) to the dallas area. they had taken a road trip to vermont during the summer and picked us up two gallons of pure vermont maple syrup! growing up in vermont myself and geoffrey living there for over 5 years we have missed not having regular access to it. regular access to the REAL stuff! we’ve been enjoying it! mostly right now in our iced lattes…super yumo! i think its about time for waffles again 🙂

other than that quick trip we stayed home and tried to stay to cool. i bet the kids were glad to get to school so they didn’t see the inside of this house so much…or have to go to the land (the barry farm) while it was 108 degrees but felt like 115!!


in the middle to end of august the kids and i worked on their school supply list. they had fun shopping and hunting for the things we needed! layla is now a 2nd grader 🙂 and seamus a kindergartner!!! 🙂 they are both doing well and enjoy school and i hope it stays that way! this year i am on the PTA board serving as secretary. its gets me in the school more which i, geoffrey and the kids love! today while in a board meeting i saw layla walk down the hall…she waved at me excitedly. 🙂

i love hearing the kids talk about their day to one another. its so precious. they both happen to have the same schedule of specials – PE, art, music. its fun hearing layla ask seamus if he knows a certain song or has done something she had. so far seamus has only gotten one mark on his daily conduct chart. it was a day i picked them both up early and as soon as he saw me he confessed…”i accidently got a yellow!” yellow isn’t terrible it just means the teacher spoke to him more than few times for the same thing. that “same thing” being playing in the bathroom. filling up the sink with water or something… hahaha! it was kind of cute and he knew he did wrong.

i love seeing them get out of the truck in the morning and walking into school together. i wish i could stay in front of the school until i can’t see them anymore but then i would hold up the line and would have a lot of upset parents! of course before they get out i get multiple kisses…from each of them! 🙂

so, my days are much quieter. i haven’t been so alone in…well, i can’t remember! thankfully bestie and i have been hanging out some and making things like pot stickers and raviolis for our freezers! now on my days i have to go the barry farm i am alone. so thankful that rabbi and pablo take turns going on tuesdays and thursday when they are available. geoffrey also goes with just the kids on some weekend days that both of us aren’t needed to move animals or something. that’s nice!

i’ve been working on us getting into a routine around here. the evenings are a bit packed with all of us getting home between 4-4:15. then, there are two kids that need to do homework, catching up with daddy about his day and ours, supper to make and eat, 3 lunches to pack and then the kids start getting ready for bed about 7. this is pretty normal but for most of lay’s schooling geoffrey has worked the evenings/nights so getting all those things done was no problem and i took the nights as they went. but, now i don’t want to be doing stuff all night long…he’s home! last week lay and i were at the doctors two days right after school and not home until 5-5:30 so we were really cramming! hoping this week is easier and we can all get in a routine. now that the weather is cooler it would be nice to go out for walks or bike rides but i just don’t know how to do it! maybe the kids will start going to bed a bit later but for now, they go right to sleep after being tucked in about 7:30. do you realize they are at school for over 7 hours??


we are very thankful that despite the extreme heat  and the drought the barry farm is still going well. we did loose a bee hive which is a big loss for us! but, thankfully its harvest of honey, whenever that would have been was only planned for our family. no customers were counting on honey. we did get probably a little over 2 quarts of honey and i have beeswax that i’d like to do something with. i’ve been researching a little. we are praying the other hive will make it. if you are curious about what happened to the hive you can read about it HERE.

we kept the animals in the most shade possible  and went twice a day for pigs a few days the end of august when our highs were about 107-109. pigs don’t sweat so we’d give them plenty of mud to roll around and lay in. pretty sure we are their best friends now! they are getting big and might be in our freezers a little sooner than expected!


the weather has certainly changed and we are hoping it stays this way!! it felt chilly this morning.. high 50’s. just last week our overnight lows were 77-79. welcomed relief. geoffrey and seamus planted some fall seeds sunday morning. we are gradually doing the fall/winter planting as these next few months come around. so many things to plant down here during this glorious time of year!

hoping your september is a great one!



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