the packing of school lunches!

i was just finishing up packing the kids lunches and thought i would write a quick blog while the last of the banana oat muffins were baking!

i have been realizing that is mid october and school has been in session for over 6 weeks and i’m doing it! i told myself this summer that with seamus going to school and me having to pack 3 lunches a day (2 kids, 1 husband) that i wanted to move away from plastic baggies. and even though i have been tempted to put it on my shopping list i haven’t! back in the summer i had a mamapedia deal come through my email for re-pac bags, reuseable bags. i bought it! i have 3 of the large ones and 2 of the snack ones. they work great! sandwiches, muffins, fruits, veggies all go in them. i can throw them in the washing machine or i have even washed them in the sink, before i start washing everything else. they dry quick. i would recommend mamapedia/mamasource, i’ve gotten some good deals from them!

i also bought two sets of smaller type tupperware (BPA free) on sale at the grocery store. they are the perfect size for cut up fruit and veggies, for the kids. and the others are good for salads and things for geoffrey’s lunch. i did awhile back invest in a set of two good non leaking containers for things like chili and soup for geoffrey.

i went through my tupperware/storage containers and weeded out a few that no longer had lids. i keep the sets together and usually have enough clean in the cupboard when i need them. its made a big difference. i have a few that are hard to get the lid off and have learned they aren’t the best for my kindergartener seeing he told me he spilled his snack everywhere trying to get it open. my next step is probably linen napkins around here. i want to be done with paper napkins and i seldom buy paper towels.

i used to try and make the lunches at night after supper but, that just didn’t work. between getting home just before 4 from school, homework for two kids, supper prep, showers, daddy coming home in the mix…it didn’t work well. now, seeing i get up with geoffrey about 5:15AM everyday i do them in the morning. works much better. what will happen when geoffrey stops working 7am and starts at 11am….i do not know! i guess i’ll still get up early but not at 5:15. that’s only worth it cause i get to see him and kiss him before he leaves for work! 🙂

so, i wasn’t sure i could do this no plastic baggie thing for the packing of 3 lunches daily and i was sure i would cave so…i’m patting myself on my back!

things i pack the kids for lunch….

sandwiches (homemade bread)
apples cut up, brushed with lemon juice
greek yogurt
canned local pears/peaches
oranges (cut up, bite size)
larabar (for layla ocassionally)



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