8 years! boston to houston…

so, as i was doing farm chores at the barry farm a bit ago i smiling to myself. i love october! october in VT was prettier with the changing of the leaves and glorious fall foliage season! fall here is wonderful and finally it has brought some cooler temps and RAIN to this drought stricken state! but, october also marks 8 years in the journey of geoffrey and renee. you see 8 years ago in the middle of october geoffrey and i started talking…hanging out…much to the delight of my father (i love you, dad!) who kept asking me what i thought about geoffrey and maybe calling him to go out and coffee or friendly’s ice cream or something! you see my dad was already friends with geoffrey and had been for some time. my mom would tell my dad, as we sat in the living rooms on sunday afternoons, not to bother me about it and let it be. if he was interested geoffrey would call or ask me out. i love and miss my parents!

you see geoffrey’s dad was the pastor of the church my parents and i attended. i saw him on sundays as he helped with the technology end of our worship services while i was part of the worship team. we had some small talk. one sunday he asked me if i wanted to sit with him in the sound booth at an upcoming event the church was facilitating. i told him yes, but i would be right back. (for those of you who have heard this story many times….listen again :)) you see i had just told a sweet couple i would attend this same event and sit with them! i went back to the wife and told her i changed my mind and told her why….she completely understood and was very happy for me!

i went back to geoffrey and told him i had to tell the gallipo’s i changed my mind and was going to go with him instead of them! we went to said event….and geoffrey held my hand. i was surprised he held my hand being a first date and all….but it was during a prayer so…. i wasn’t scared or put off by it one bit!

a week or so later he asked me if i wanted to go to boston with him for the day! for the day? with him? i mean i knew him kinda and liked his parents but to boston for a whole day? we weren’t even officially dating!ย i confirmed like we weren’t needing to spend the night or anything. come to find out he had a job interview at MIT and wanted to know if i wanted to tag along. we would go to the aquarium too. i had a full time job and it was our busy season…wasn’t sure how i was going to get the day off. my father was all for it! (he knew how our relationship would turn out) normally my father would have probably not approved of the situation but i guess when your dad is friends with a guy first, then he asked you out, it’s all good! ๐Ÿ™‚ gotta teach layla that one.

so, i kind of timidly asked my boss if it was ok i take the day off on short notice seeing it was a busy time. she was ok with it. yay! i’d never been to boston before so i was kinda excited and sure hoped we liked each other seeing how we would spend over 3 hours one way getting there! we left before sunrise and were home way after sunset. we were a tad early for his interview so we stopped for starbucks and chatted some more. while he interviewed at MIT i wandered around a bit and sat in a waiting room. it was a rather confusing time. i was liking him but he was interviewing for a job in boston…what in the world was going to happen if he got it!?

we went to the aquarium and had a great time. it was a rainy day. (geoffrey, i won’t tell the story how you forgot the umberlla and we had to walk blocks to the restaurant and half of my head…the half my hood didn’t cover…was soaked by the time we got there! i even think my mascara was running a bit!) ๐Ÿ™‚ love you honey!

we also went to the imax and something happened there later i realized that i was indeed falling in love this guy. he let me drive home and i remember talking the whole way!

there was a rough few months where i wasn’t quite sure what to do about this boy. did i really love him? did i want to marry him? would we make a great couple? THANKFULLY my dad knew me and kept telling geoffrey to just be patient and wait…i would make up mind, not look back and he would be a happy man! geoffrey, are you still happy??

while i had 57 chickens at my feet today i was thinking to myself…it all started with a trip to boston. by the way, he turned MIT down because he was afraid if he took it he’d loose me. we had talked about it a little but not much. how were either of us to know what would happen? we had just started hanging out. (i don’t really know when we crossed the line to dating…maybe the night he kissed me on hi parents sea green couch??) he is SUCH a great decision maker! we got married about 7 month later. he started nursing school, we had two babies, we moved to houston….and we now run a small farm and our customers are spread across the greater houston area- the 4th largest city in the nation! don’t you just love the way god works?…the way life turns out…not at all how we expect it sometimes! but, from boston to houston and EVERYTHING in the middle….i wouldn’t change one thing! i thought i knew geoffrey. this man who became my husband, my best friend, father to the children we would have, an emergency room nurse who loved hunting and the great outdoors. he turned farmer on me and i love him SO much more than i could have ever dreamed…

happy october my love! i’m looking forward to many, Many, MANY more octobers with you.




  1. Gwen Smith said,

    October 14, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    while i really enjoy reading your story here….i can’t help but chuckle at the advertisement! lol
    love you guys!!

    • October 14, 2011 at 2:01 pm

      Gwendolyn!! I wasn’t even thinking advertisement but unserstand how you got that! Seriously, some days i think i could write a book!! Lol!

  2. MOM said,

    October 14, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Oh my, does this bring back memories! What a riot! The time I remember most is when the four of us went to Little Harry’s and you leaned across the table and said to me, ” You do know that we are serious about moving away when the opportunity comes, don’t you?”

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