oven baked jambalaya

i don’t think i have shared this recipe here but even if i have, it’s worth it again seeing cooler…cold…freezing weather is reaching us, depending where you live. our family loves this recipe and it’s a great one to make a big batch and have for leftovers! i’m baking it today. i need to have supper ready before i leave at about 5:15 this evening. our 20-something pastor is coming to hang out with the kids while geoffrey and i hear michael pollan speak downtown (houston). we are excited about this…well, both! excited to hear pollan and excited our 20-something pastor wants to hang with our kids and that our kids want to hang with him! how awesome is that? i’m pretty sure there will be some hide-n-seeek, light saber competitions and A LOT of chatter! our kids love rollyvic 🙂 he’s one of the family…he’s been smithinized!

so, the recipe…i don’t ever make it the same way twice. i use whatever meat/seafood i have around. today i don’t have celery or peppers but it’ll be fine. i always put a orange or yellow pepper in. i forget if the recipe says to bake covered i always do. halfway through i stir it up to mix the settle rice in. i do this a few more times while it’s baking then i can also see how its baking…hows the rice cooking? does it need a splash of water? its so delicious and worth the wait! you can find the recipe HERE. i usually recalculate the recipe to 12 or more servings so i have plenty of leftovers. (they usually don’t make it to the freezer!)


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