january in review

wow…i am so on top of it! its the last day of january and i am remembering to do a recap. let’s hope i keep up this pace all day of being on top of things. my day just got busier so…here we go!

we had a great time with friends and family here on new year’s eve which lasted until the ball dropped and we even topped it off with a toast of champagne and sparkling white grape juice. all the kids made it but one! there were seven of them 🙂

geoffrey was still recovering from his “table saw meets index finger” accident and dealing with pain and sensitivity. thankfully now the stitches are out and it looks and feel much better! it seemed like a long road to get there and i am so thankful its doing well and not causing him so much pain! he still isn’t allowed to run the table saw until he purchases what ever mechanism woodcraft makes to cover the blade. or maybe he should just get the saw that shuts off when it senses human skin apporaching. yes, they really do make one if you were not in the know like i was! 

the kids are back in school…they told me yesterday they really didn’t really like mondays! really? at age 5 and 7 they already don’t like mondays? oh boy. prior to winter/christmas break seamus was getting lots of ” yellow marks” on his daily conduct card. they were for talking!! thankfully since he’s been back this month he has only gotten one. (a yellow mark means his teacher had to speak to him about it more than a few times 🙂 ) the school seems to be pushing the kindergartener’s a lot. i’ve been a little surprised at the homework he is brining home. he is doing ok with it. take he and i awhile to complete and i am learning the best way to handle him and his homework. he is such a stinker! when he wants to and when he isn’t distracted he can actually pull off some pretty good handwriting skills 🙂 i love him so much! his favorite “subject” at school is PE!

lay is doing great! she enjoys school. she has a project due sometime soon about a famous person and she chose amelia earhart. i’m currently teaching a 5-week course in her class room on “our community” through its a junior achievement ciricculm. i enjoy being in her class each week!

we are busy with the farm…as usual! but its good. this month we were contacted by a chef whom geoffrey met with. he wants us to supply him eggs (when we can), chicken and quail. he is also interested in some pork. geoffrey made a first delivery of eggs last week! we are excited about this partnership and we’ll share more as it unravels!

we did have a big loss this month at the barry farm this month. one saturday when geoffrey was working, of course, the kids and i went to do farm chores only to find we had lost a pig. thankfully it wasn’t promised to customers but, that of course was the intention! so, down a pig but thankfully we have more and enough to cover our current CSA orders.

we still, and always will, find ourselves a bit stuck. we really need our own place. our own land to continue to grow the barry farm. there has been lots of planning, researching, brainstorming, praying… we are excited to see where we will end up but until then, we keep doing all we can do where we are! geoffrey is doing an excellent job at maximizing the 1 & 1/2 acres we continue to lease. next up – 80 meat bird chicks that arrive on thursday! we are starting february off with bang.

last thing…this month i started doing a work share at all we need farm.we met farmer stacy, at an event the barry farm was part of a few months ago. i go every friday morning and work with her from 9ish-noonish. i help her harvest, clean, weigh and pack for other CSA orders and well as the market. in return she pays me with delicious, beautiful, better-than-organic produce. i bring that home and feed it to my family who has been enjoying it! geoffrey, layla and i have fallen in love with turnips! creamed turnips done farmer stacy style 🙂 i made a salad with her lettuce greens and seamus just loved it! he told me while we were eating to tell ms. stacy that he really liked it! although it makes my fridays pretty busy i enjoy it! after leaving all we need farm i head to the barry farm (which is 30 minutes from there) and do chores before heading home.

our life is busy. our life is full. our life is wonderful and rewarding! thankful and honored to be on this journey with most precious family. thank you to all of you who journey with us in different ways!


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