canning peaches

Sitting in my rocking chair, away from the heat of the kitchen, as i wait for the canner to boil. There are 5 quart jars & 1 pint jar packed with peaches from fredricksburg, texas that i got at georgia’s farm to market a few days ago. I picked up a case & most will be canned & used to help make the (two) kids school lunches come fall & winter. Seamus enjoyed the few peaches and pears i canned last year. Layla not as much but she will come around. Starting in the fall between two kids in school fulltime (and a husband who packs his lunch daily for work) a mom is going to need a stocked pantry!

Don’t these peaches look delicious?


a case, which is about 25lbs cost me $35 and i got about 77 peaches! I am currently waiting for a text reply from geoffrey about his pie crust vs crumb topping preference before i make a delicious peach pie! Pretty sure he likes crumb best on a peach pie but a wife needs to be sure 🙂

So, for canned peaches i make an extra light syrup. This year i decided to add a little flavor to the syrup. Why not, right? So, i sprinkled in some nutmeg and cinnamon! It tasted yummy. Here is a picture before i added the nutmeg cinnamon infused syrup…


and here is a picture after i added the spiced up bland and blah extra light syrup…


Can you see those fragrant, tasty spices floating around? If not, trust me. They are there!

I was happy to see that all the time it took me to boil, chill, peel & quarter the peaches paid off! My canner was full.


After i make a pie i will have some peaches left over. I am thinking of canning some more to get me a couple pints then i am thinking about making some peach puree. I can see meyself using it to make up some…. peach crepes, perhaps? I would also like to make some peach jam or peach preserves… I am still undecided. I suppose i should put some freezer. (just thought about that.) i mean i could make a blueberry peach smoothie!! Oh boy…there are just too many possibilities. Maybe i need another case?

….So, i got distracted with other things & had some time to think about what do with the rest of the peaches. I decided to freeze them all using the foodsaver. (boy did get lucky with it!) i decided if i freeze i can use for smoothies & if i wanted to i can thaw and cook them down into a peach sauce or syrup and make crepes with them. So, they are all in the freezer. I diced them up and put some lemon juice on them. I left the skins on because no matter what they get used for we won’t mind the skin.


Then i used the foodsaver…by the way, my bestie found this at a garage sale for $15. She wasn’t sure it had all the parts & there was no manual with it so she told them she’d pay $5 and i have used it so much in the past few months! Nothing fancy but it works great and i can seal up large and rather small quantities of food now that i know how the thing works.


Now i have delicous fresh texas peaches, perserved as soon as they were ripe, in my freezer!