moved on

so, geoffrey brings it up often how i am ‘a farmer’s daughter’! for those of you who don’t know i grew up on a dairy farm in the valley in tinmouth, vermont. my dad grew up on a dairy farm as well…as a matter of fact – i just realized a week ago that my dad was like a 12th generation dairy farmer! isn’t that wild? i remember years and years ago that my grandmother (my dad’s mom) did A LOT of research on family genealogy. does anyone have that VHS she made? if so, would you send it to us and i’ll send back?

in 2001 (i believe) my parents sold our dairy farm. they saved out land and built a house on the hill that overlooks the farm today. my brother and his wife didn’t want to take over the farm and neither did i or my sister! it was a rough life. it was great life. it was just hard to make ends meet month after month and there was no sign of that changing soon. i still remember the day my dad told us they were going to sell. i remember getting ready for the cows to go to auction…it was maybe an hour drive to the cattle auction site. it was a bit of sad day. i remember getting ready for the machinery auction sale as well. i remember the day clearly. there were a few tears… farming was what we all knew.

in our family it was a joke. some of the women in my family ended up marrying farmers..even though that wasn’t really their desire. the things they did for love… i remember as i got older, but not really dating anyone, i was telling everyone i WAS going to marry farmer…then maybe i wouldn’t like my aunts, my mom… yup, i shouted it loud and proud that i was! little did i know what god had in store.

the following year is when geoffrey and i started hanging out then eventually dating. i still don’t know when we really crossed that line. was it the first kiss on his parents sea green couch?… he was hunter. he hunted with my family, his dad and close friends. he was an outside guy. he would often mention when we were dating that he would have loved to be able to see me milking cows, raking hay, picking rocks… i just rolled my eyes and smiled!

we got married and geoffrey started nursing school that fall. he became an emergency nurse. we started a family. we started talking about moving while  i was pregnant with seamus (our 2nd). seeing geoffrey was a nurse we could move just about anywhere and he be able to find a job. as life brought me farther and farther away from those farming days i was sure i was golden! we ended up picking houston to move to. YES!, we are moving to city! i knew i was going to enjoy this new chapter of our life. by the way, i never saw houston before we moved. geoffrey flew down to interview and try to nail down a place for us to rent. i stayed home with the kids.

he interviewed. got hired. via the world wide web we found a place to rent…that he hadn’t seen! off to live in the 4th largest city in the USA. we arrived…six month later bought a house…living the suburban life! no farming here mister! well, we did decide to try and grow our own food. i think that’s where it all started… it all started with garden. truthfully, we didn’t know it would start here but it started with discovering our baby boy had a severe peanut allergy! when we are forced to read labels and know and learn where our food comes from, it changes you!

geoffrey started dreaming about farming! he dreamed,  and talked and researched a lot. he is such a dreamer and i never really knew how much i would love that about him! just so you all know, geoffrey dreams…he talks…he researches…and those dreams? well, they happen! the barry farm is living proof.

i was thinking just last night laying on the couch close to him. i missed him during the day while he worked. we were talking about the chicks (the 35 we are raising in our garage) and i was telling him about the conversation i had with my brother on the phone earlier in the day. my brother and his family grow a huge garden in vermont. they raise or have raised pigs, beef cows, horses, they have laying hens, raised turkeys and do meat birds every years. they have perfected their chicken ‘processing’ routine so, i was asking him a few questions as we think about the plan of action we will take when our are at processing weight.

while i was talking with geoffrey it dawned on me that i have moved on from being a “farmer’s daughter’s” to a “farmer’s WIFE!” and, an “urban farmer’s wife” to boot!! why had this not dawned me the first time i had to make the trip to the land to care for the 60 hens our there? (we’ve had them 3 weeks now, i think.)

no wonder why i struggled back years ago when we first starting getting “serious”! i knew i loved being with him. i was falling for him but i just had to make sure that he was really the guy i wanted to spend the rest of my life with. i knew life would take us many adventures…little did i really know what those adventures would be!! HA! my dad assured him i would make the right choice and to just be patient! 🙂 he knew the choice would be choose a life with geoffrey.

well, of course i did and the rest is history! as the story of our family continues to be written i am confident that we can together, do just about anything we set our minds too! i love him more than the words that find their way on this blog.

i truly am moving on this journey with wonder, with excitement, a bit of fear, a little tired, a little scratched up from chicken wire today…but, i am moving on. on from the girl who grew up as a farmer’s daughter to being the wife of the most amazing rookie urban farmer that i could ever. ever, ask for!

one last thing… geoffrey and i have a rule at our home. we will ALWAYS park a vehicle in the garage. our garage will not be a place we collect and store a bunch of stuff! he has promised me this… but, there is now a bale of hay in my suburban garage! (and you know about the baby chicks i mentioned earlier, right?.) geoffrey…i’m getting a bit nervous. 🙂