no-bake energy balls

i’ve been meaning to share this yummy recipe! i found it on pinterest and have made them a few times…each time a bit different cause- that’s what i do. its super easy and my family loves them! (kids 5 & 7)

i use usweentened coconut flakes. one time i threw in some raisins. another time i threw in a small handful of butterscotch chips 🙂 next time i will add some raw sunflower seeds. and of course around here, we use sunbutter.

they are great for the kids lunch! go check them out HERE and let me know if you make them. they also happen to be gluten free.


delicious shrimp

so, i have this new iphone app, pinterest.

discovered it form another blogger.

pinterest can be addicting.

there are so many things to look at. things that are amazing, stylish, not too many scary, inspiring, funny, creative, mouth watering, tempting and just delicious! like this delicious shrimp i saw the other day and knew i just had to make it with the shrimp in the freezer.

it turned out fantastic and i think we shall be roasting more shrimp around here! i served it over quinoa rather than pasta. my kids would have preferred the pasta but they still ate the quinoa. the flavors were just wonderful and the result you get from roasting the shrimp is just lovely! pretty sure this recipe is a keeper. i almost always have the required ingredients on hand. i actually forgot to zest the lemon and it was still bursting with flavor. so proud of our kids that they eat and enjoy foods like this. thank you cinnamon spice & everything nice!

not sure what will be for dinner tonight but i have to say i am tempted to make this again!