our farm

back about 4 years ago we discovered that our son seamus had a severe peanut allergy! when you starting thinking about the food you want to put in your family’s mouth and begin reading EVERY label, it changes you! in the past 4 years we have made many changes in the way we eat and what we eat. we dedicated half our suburban back yard to gardening so we could grown our own food. my husband even went through 12 weeks of training to become at harris county master gardener. it can be rather difficult to grown things here but the good news is we have more of a growing season. it is really paying off…you should see our garden! we bought chickens (4) who lay us delicious eggs daily. we stopped eating meat unless we know where it comes from. and coming from the grocery store does not count! my husband puts it well…”i want to know i could drive to the farm and see the animals if i wanted to!” when we purchase meat we only purchase local and local costs more. so, in an effort to keep our food budget down we only meat occasionally.

i bake and cook and we limit our processed food intake. we really miss meat at times and decided to start the barry farm as away to raise our own animals and hopefully share with others who value knowing where their food comes from likes we do. the support that we have got has been tremendous! we have started houston’s only pastured egg CSA! we made our first delivery in april 2011 and have a waiting list of customers who want in!

we will be getting 4 pigs in april 2011 and they will feed 10 families! we are currently raising our first batch of meat birds and hope to do many more. check out the blog geoffrey keeps here.


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